Tope Alabi Biography, Music Career, and Scandal


Tope Alabi Biography, Music Career, Marriage and Scandal

Tope Alabi is royalty when we are talking about gospel section of Nigeria music industry today. Popularly known as Ore Ti O Common because that was the song that brought her into the limelight, the light-skinned, beautiful and talented singer will not fade out of the gospel music industry that fast.  Her songs always hit the industry like a hurricane and have the groundbreaking effects that cannot be erased out of human memory for a very long.

We bring you the biography of this actress, gospel singer and soundtrack composer. In this article, you will get to know about her music career path, marriage, sex scandal and songs of Tope Alabi. If you hang on and keep reading you will get to know her history and what many people do not know about her. Are you ready for this in-depth exploration of Tope’s world? Let’s explore then.


Family and Educational Background Of Tope Alabi

Tope Alabi
Tope Alabi

Born on the 27th of October as Patricia Temitope Obayomi, into the family of Pa Joseph Akinyele Obayomi and his wife Madam Agnes Kehinde Obayomi, Tope was the only girl out of the three children her parent gave birth to. She was born in an area in Lagos State Nigeria but Tope hails from Yewa in Imeko, Ogun state.

Tope attended Oba Akinyele Memorial High School, Bashorun Anlugbua, Ibadan for her secondary education where she obtained her West Africa School Certificate (WAEC) before passing out in 1986. After her secondary education, she later attended The Polytechnic, Ibadan where she studied Mass Communication and graduated in the year 1990.

Tope Alabi valued education and pursued it with dedication and diligence; this is because her parents are disciplinarians who instilled the love and value of education in their children at a very young age. This made Tope to be serious about her academics and excel at studies. She has interest in music and drama and this prompted her to join a group known as “Jesters International” in Ibadan during her secondary school days between 1982 to1984. The group consisted of Jesters and actors like Papilolo, Aderupoko, Jacob, and others. She got training in drama and drama experience from the group before she ventured into acting.


Tope Alabi Background in Acting

Tope Alabi

The love Tope Alabi had for drama and acting did not stop in her secondary school days, the love lodged in her heart still and remained as strong as ever and this made her pursue the career with due diligence. Unknown to many, Tope Alabi never dreamt of becoming a gospel artiste one day, it was when she met her husband who led her to Christ and helped her in pursuit of her ministry when he received prophesy that God is going to use her in Gospel ministry that she switched from acting to Gospel Music.

After obtaining Mass Communication degree at The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Tope worked with Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) at Ibadan for some time as a correspondence, Tope later proceeded to work at NTA channel 7 at Tejuosho now NTA channel 10 Lagos at the space of not up to two years (between 1990 to 1991). She also worked for an advertising company known as Centrespread Advertising Limited at Ilupeju area of Lagos state between 1991to 1992. Tope Alabi also worked for Re-Union Nigeria Limited before finally venturing into acting professionally.

Tope Alabi joined Alade Aromire Theatre Group in 1994 to pursue her passion and she was able to make a name for herself as a distinguished actress with talents and a soundtrack composer. The theatre group exposed Tope Alabi to the world of drama and acting and groomed her in soundtrack composition. She engaged in stage drama presentation, film production and composed soundtracks for many of the films. In no time, Tope developed herself as a soundtrack composer and became an authority in the field. She began to dominate soundtrack composition in the Yoruba Music Industry; she has over 350 soundtracks to her credit today.

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Tope Alabi Background in Gospel Music

Tope Alabi and Husband
Tope Alabi and Husband

Tope Alabi met her husband Soji Alabi and they got married in 1988, they are blessed with 4 children. Tope’s husband led her to Jesus in same 1988 after receiving revelation that God wanted to use his wife in Gospel line. She received her debut album “Ore Ti O Common” in 2001 and the song became a popular song in many homes and churches in Nigeria. This proved to Tope Alabi that music is truly her calling and she never looked back since then.

Tope Alabi released “Iwe Eri” in 2003 and people loved the song about the certificate of the Kingdom of God. The chorus” Iwe Eri Certificate…” became popular and it was another success for Tope Alabi. She went ahead to release “Agbara Re Ni” in 2005 followed by 10 other albums, she has a total of 13 albums today and they are all well composed and well-loved Gospel songs in the gospel section of the Nigeria Music Industry. She did not stop her soundtrack composition even after venturing into gospel music and she remains a force to be reckoned with in the field.

Some of Tope’s best selling songs include Ore Ti O Common, E Gbe Ga, Angeli Mi, Mimo L’Oluwa, Orun Oun Aye, Agbelebu, and Moriyanu. She has won many awards and nominations and has performed in countries outside Nigeria which include the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Tope also performed in many Christian crusade grounds, events, and functions in the country. She is an authority in gospel music industry today and one of the most successful gospel singers.


Tope Alabi Sex Scandal with Prophet Ajanaku

Tope Alabi and Ajanaku
Tope Alabi and Prophet Ajanaku

Tope was rumored to be having an affair with her spiritual father Prophet Ajanaku, the said prophet gave an interview saying the gospel singer was begging him to have sex with her and the news went viral. The sex scandal rocked the nation and the media had a field day because of Tope Alabi’s popularity. Tope Alabi mentioned her spiritual father in her songs and one of them is in her song “Igba Ti Mo Ro” when she mentioned “Olorun Ajanaku”, the man died and the rumor spread that cultists buried him because he was one of them and the scandal escalated.

After the death of Prophet Ajanaku, Tope Alabi granted a radio Interview on Faaji FM where she explained her relationship with the said prophet in details. According to her, the man was her spiritual father and they already parted ways before she started hearing rumors about his diabolic ways. She said she parted ways with him 3 years before the rumors of him using traditional charms went viral, according to her, God revealed the kind of person he was to her and that prompted her decision to leave his church. Tope said she used to visit his church for ministrations and remitted her tithe to the said church but there was nothing sexual between them.


Tope Alabi Confessed To Being A Mermaid?

Tope Alabi
Tope Alabi

Another scandal rocked the media when an audio of Tope Alabi confessing to being a mermaid was released. In an interview she granted after the audio was release she said she was on a music tour outside Nigeria when someone called her and said she had released a new audio where she confessed to being a mermaid. Tope was shocked and did not believe the news thinking it was a media stunt until the audio was played to her hearing over the phone and she recognized her voice.

Tope was flabbergasted as she sat listening to her own voice confessing to being a mermaid. She said the voice was exactly her voice but she can’t explain how the person did it. One could not imagine how such can be done but in this day of digital technology, anything is possible so only God knows whether the voice was that of Tope Alabi or not.

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Tope Alabi List of Albums

Tope has the following albums to her credit since her voyage into the world of gospel music. She has 13 albums so far and they are:

  • 2001 –Ore Ti O Common
  • 2003 – Iwe Eri
  • 2005 – Agbara Re Ni
  • 2006 – Abara Olorun
  • 2007 – Angeli Mi
  • 2008 – Kokoro Igbala
  • 2010 – Kabiosi
  • 2011 – Agbelebu
  • 2012 – Alagbara
  • 2013 – Agbelebu
  • 2015 – Oruko Tuntun
  • 2017 – Omo Jesu


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