Revealed! 7 Scary Men You Should Never Date

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You’re dating These Men at Your Own Risk!


There are some men you should never date! It is like committing relationship suicide; it is either you end up sorry or emotionally dead. These men are masters at their own games; this made them dangerous and scary, any sane woman should never date them!

Women tend to lose their heads when they are in love. They are so ecstatic that they ignore danger signals even when they bump into it. Many red flags flying in front of them seem trivial compared to the intense love they feel, at the end of it all they end up dating men they should never date and end up wishing they never met those men in the first place.


7 Scary Men You Should Never Date

You are going to wish you have taken time to read this someday. So, save your time and energy by reading this you are going to be glad you did. Let’s look at these dangerous specie of men one after the other.


 Never Date an Expert Liar

You should never date an expert liar because he told you a liar to get you and he is keeping you with a lie. As a woman, we often ignore our intuition when we are deeply in love. Most women often utter words like ‘I knew it! Something kept telling me something is fishy’ when they discover that love has actually blinded them to some dangerous truth about the man they are dating.

If you are dating this type of man, it is time for you to count yourself lucky you read this and run. This one comes with a label tagged “EXPLOSIVE”. Don’t be too much in love that you think telling lies means he cares about your feelings and doesn’t want to hurt you. It is better to hurt someone with the truth than to make them happy with a lie.


Never Date a Skilled Flirt

Never fall for and never date this type of man because you will have to compete for his attention; trust me, it can get ugly at times.

Women just love him and crumble at his feet and you think it is not his fault that he is extremely charming? Women just love being around him and every woman is his sweetheart or angel and you think it is just his personality, please tell your brain to come back from vacation.

I know you think it is harmless and he will stop once he finds time to settle down but what if he never do?  If he is not making a living out of it, then he shouldn’t enjoy doing it that frequently because many women can take it more serious than he intend and it can spell trouble for you.


Never Date the Drama King

You should never date this man because your relationship will always look like something out of a horror movie and action movie rolled into one. When he gets angry it looks pretty much like an action movie with plenty of suspense, intrigue and mass destruction of what he sees as the enemy at the time. Well, you deserve award of Best Suicide Queen (BSQ) of the year for taking a second look at his six packs.

It doesn’t matter if he hasn’t hit you yet and he apologizes for all the terrible things he says later, I still think you are trying to commit suicide. An abusive man cannot change overnight, if he adds a little kicking or just slapping to that, you are done for.

Never Date him! You should be getting help for him and staying as far away from him as possible. Any man that can hit a woman under any kind of provocation needs help not love and you shouldn’t even be the one helping him, Get him a psychiatrist! Or better still a counselor.


Never Date the Indecisive Man

Never date a man that cannot be honest with you by put his cards on the table! This type of man can’t decide if he wants to be in a relationship or not and usually approach you with words like ‘let’s be friends’ hoping to get sex thrown into the package.

This type of man only wants sex and will call for a break up if you are showing too much feeling or hinting at emotional intimacy. His definition of love is sex and will only use the word love when he wants to get sex. He will always avoids talking about the relationship because there was never one in the first place. He is just out for a fling. He only wants to be FRIENDS; you are just complicating things so he will get rid of you if you ever mention commitment.


Never Date the Affection Stingy Guy

This type of men only do manly things and this include not saying ‘I love you’ or taking you out on a date during the day. Never date him if you love your heart! You should be with someone that will be proud of being with you, someone that will love to be seen with you, not a man that thinks it is embarrassing to talk to you in public.

You want to date a man that cannot even wear the same aso ebi with you? Or God Forbid, a man that only acknowledge with a nod across the room. If he needs orientation, let him get it now before you date him and not after when he doesn’t have anything to lose if he doesn’t.


Never Date Mama’s Boy

Never date this type of guy because his mama will always be in charge of his life and yours. If every of his words starts with mummy said then you are in trouble. If his mother is controlling his life now what will she do with your relationship and marriage?

I know you are not going to date or marry the mother but don’t expect her to just disappear after you start dating her son.  Acknowledge that she is important in his life, be respective and courteous to her but if she has her hand in everything in your man’s life and is the one making the decision then he doesn’t need you.

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If he tells you no woman can ever measure up to his mother, maybe you should just let him date her. A real man knows how to handle his mother and does not allow her to make all the decisions for him. If she tells you that you are not good enough for her son, mama has said it all.


Never Date the Cheat

He broke up his last relationship because he cheated on his girlfriend and you are hoping he likes you too much to do same to you? You should never take his excuses and never date him out of pity! He will keep repenting and pleading for another chance and call cheating a weakness.

You don’t need a magic wand to make his weaknesses for anything in skirt disappear overnight; you need to pick up your shoes and run. Spend the time you suppose to spend looking for a psychiatrist in the future to borrow wisdom now.

If he cheated once label him “likely to bring grief in marriage” if he has done it twice please don’t even think twice about dating him because he just removed the likely, he is a disaster waiting to happen period! You might just be setting yourself up for disaster.

You deserve the real thing and not just what look like it. Sincerely, every lady wants and should have a man that will make her happy today and stand by her tomorrow. So, let’s be an advocate for love without tears. Never date a loser or he will make you one in the future, this is why you should know who you want to date first before saying yes.

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