5 Amazing Things Everybody Should Know About Fair Ladies

fair ladies


Fair ladies are everywhere! Those cute ladies with ripe complexion are in every part of the world. But there are amazing and remarkable things no one knows about these ladies.

Africa is a country blessed with majority of blacks because of our weather condition but a few are lucky to be born with a naturally fair complexion. This has to do with lots of factors but gene plays a big role in it.

Many because of the love for this complexion have tampered with their black skin; they achieved this fair complexion with the aid of bleaching creams and cosmetics (hope you are ready for the consequence later).


Things You Should Know About Fair Ladies

So here are the things you should know about these ladies:


Fair Ladies Are Not Possessed

Africa because of our level of exposure believes that majority of fair ladies are from the sea: I am not saying there are not fair ladies with marine spirits, but there are dark ladies from the marine world too.

The color of your skin does not determine whether you are possessed or not; being naturally fair is God’s doing. I believe God is our creator and he molds us according to his will and purpose; the devil does not have a little room where he manufactures fair ladies and push them into the world to destroy it. Stop being sentimental!


Fair Ladies are Attractive

We associate being yellow with ripeness. When fruits turn yellow they are ripe and ready to be eaten, when you see a yellow lady… (Finish this yourself).

Guys are attracted to fair ladies; there are few guys who won’t be moved by them. They glow, they shine and few can resist the light.

It is unusual to see a these lady that is not pretty, the fairness shine a light on her attractive features which would have otherwise remain hidden if she was black. Most beauty queens are fair; no wonder black ladies tamper with their skins.


Fair Ladies are not Promiscuous

Many men date fair ladies and later dump them to marry dark ones because they have the misconception that fair ladies are promiscuous and engage in extra marital affairs ; this is not so.

A lady can be promiscuous whether she is fair or dark. If you know a promiscuous fair lady her color did not push her into it, she would still be promiscuous if she was dark! Being promiscuous is a thing of the mind; the skin color does not play a role in it. Marry a God fearing and virtuous woman and she will give you rest of mind.


Fair Ladies Once Wished they were Dark

Many dark ladies bleach their skin not knowing that there are many fair ladies coveting their complexion.

A dark skin hides impurities and skin problems that would have become obvious with a fair skin. Also, fair skins bruise easily and carry scars so fair ladies are always extra careful.

A fair skin also needs lots of care and finance to maintain because of our weather condition in Africa. Don’t be in a hurry to buy bleaching creams; you might just regret it.


Fair Ladies Often Become Victims of Sexual Harassment

Men think fair ladies want to be picked on and are constantly sending sexual signals to them.

Being fair can be likened to being a gold fish; there is no hiding place for you. You can easily pick fair ladies out from a crowd so guys tend to pick on them.

These ladies have bosses that sometimes harass them and guys whistle when they pass by. Contrary to what people think, they don’t want to be harassed and they are not sirens that lure men away to destroy them.

Being fair just like being dark in complexion is a gift from God; don’t relate with people based on their complexion. A fair lady is just like a dark lady in the sight of God. So, whether you are fair or dark, be proud of your complexion.


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