Do You Wish To Be Little Miss Independent?


The Courageous Act of Becoming an Independent Lady

Nothing stops a lady from being spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially whole before marriage. Little Miss independent does not need a man to breathe, she is God-made. She is aware of her potentials and is goal driven. Yes, her man is proud to have her because she complements him.

Little Miss independent is an investment and an asset, she is a celebrity and a shining star, and she brings honor to her family. She is like a butterfly: she is beautifully designed and brings happiness wherever she goes. Here is how to become such a woman:


To Be Little Miss Independent Know Yourself

Knowledge is power, know your weakness and your strength and work on them. You have what it takes to make it; you just haven’t discovered it yet. What do you know how to do best? That is your ticket to being little Miss independent! And your claim to stardom!

Nobody is born empty; you are born to be great, greatness is in you! If anybody says you cannot amount to anything in life, don’t believe them! They don’t know better. If you are not sure ask your parent, trusted friends and your man. They know that thing they can always trust you to do well. Dig it out and pursue it.


To be Little Miss independent Follow Your Passion

The truth is that it is easier to take the job you don’t enjoy than to follow your passion; it is also more lucrative but less satisfying. Don’t be afraid to follow your passion and live a fulfilled life, it will lead you to the limelight: don’t be afraid to do what you love doing.

Little Miss independent is not money driven; success is not about how much you have in your account. She follows her passion and does what she loves doing best! She then has a financial plan that will fetch her money from it.

Help will come if you start now, God will send destiny helpers. Don’t allow your passion to die just because you are in a relationship it is not healthy.


To Be Little Miss independent Watch Your Attitude

What is your attitude towards life? How do you treat people? What is your attitude towards success, failure and being independent? Your attitude will go a long way to determine your altitude in life.

There is no height you cannot reach as little Miss independent; the world is waiting to celebrate you but you need the right attitude or you will ruin it.  Life will give you what you deserve, so, don’t be afraid to try things and fail. Failure means you haven’t succeeded yet, it doesn’t mean you have been defeated.


 To Be Little Miss independent Set Goals

To be little Miss independent Take charge of your destiny now! Plan your life and set goals. Have vision for your life, set out to achieve it by drawing a plan. Write out what you want to achieve before marriage and take actions to achieve it. Don’t go into marriage empty handed and empty headed! Don’t be afraid to pursue your goals and have ambition, your man will understand and cheer you on. If he doesn’t encourage you, maybe he is not the one.


To Be Little Miss independent Manage Your Time and Money

Little Miss independent does not spend time sleeping too much or have time for idle gossips. She is always ahead of her mates because she manages her time well. She doesn’t procrastinate so she gets things done in time.

Little Miss independent does not go on a binge because she is investing in her future. She doesn’t spend all her savings on clothes, jewelries and accessories because she is using her extra cash to build her dream.

You are not a slave in life, you are a queen; the future wife of a king. He needs you to be strong to stay by his side so be confident. You are born to rule, your man will not take less and to settle for less is an insult to your maker. You are born to be little Miss independent.


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