Biography of Juliana Olayode

Juliana Olayode
Toyo baby

Biography of Juliana Olayode

Juliana Olayode, known as Toyo baby is a household name in Nigeria today, all thanks to her role in Jenifa’s Diary. This pretty actress, writer, and advocate for sexual purity is well loved by Nigerians today especially teenagers and young ladies in their early twenties, this is because she has identified with their struggles, pains, and life experiences when she released her autobiography “Rebirth”.

We bring to you the biography of Juliana Olayode, you will find information on her acting career, educational background, role in Jenifa’s Diary, relationship with Funke Akindele, how she lost her virginity, and her autobiography Rebirth in this article. Let’s explore!


Family and Educational Background Of Juliana Olayode

Juliana Olayode

She was born Juliana Oluwatobiloba Aduragbemi Olayode but many know her as Toyo baby because of her role in popular comedy TV series “Jenifa’s Diary”. Juliana Olayode is from Ipokia in Ogun State and was brought up in a family of 8.  Toyo baby was born on Wednesday 7th of June 1995, her mother gave birth to her in a CAC(Christ Apostolic Church) at Oke-iyanu, Ogba, Lagos after going into labor for three days; She is a Christian from a strong Christian background.

Juliana Olayode attended Babs Fafunwa Millenium Senior Grammar School, Ojodu, Berger, Lagos, where she passed out as the senior girl. Toyo baby took Jamb before passing out of secondary school and got admission to study Mass Communication at the prestigious University of Ibadan but she lost the admission due to poverty. Her mother tried to raise the money for acceptance and tuition fee but could not meet up and she had to forfeit the admission.


Acting Career of Juliana Olayode

Juliana Olayode

Toyo baby dreamt to be many things in life but she never thought she was going to end up being an actress despite the fact that she was a natural drama queen. She was on her way to church one day when she was invited to audition in Jenifa’s Diary, she decided to try her luck by attending the audition, Toyo baby later scaled through and was given a role in Jenifa’s Diary, little did she know that the movie would bring her fame by pushing her into the limelight.

Juliana Olayode has featured in other movies apart from Jenifa’s Diary, they are Where Beauty Go, Rivers Between and Couple of Day among others. Toyo baby had to reject many movie roles after she came to limelight because of her Christian background and beliefs.


Juliana Olayode and Funke Akindele

Juliana Olayode and Funke Akindele
Toyo and Jenifa on movie set

After Funke Akindele gave Toyo baby a role in Jenifa’s Diary, she later excluded her after few seasons. Rumor has it that both of them had a rift because Juliana Olayode aka Toyo baby demanded an increase in pay and Funke Akindele saw it as act of an ingrate. However, Toyo baby has taken to the media to explain her relationship with Funke Akindele, according to her:

  • Funke Akindele was an adviser and a sister to her. She has given her pieces of advice on issues and she was the one who warned her not to tamper with her skin.
  • Toyo baby was more than an actress to Funke Akindele, she was also like her little sis; she ran errands for Funke on set, carry her bag, handle her finances, wash her car, wash plates for her and do Funke’s laundry.
  • She gave Funke spiritual support by fasting, praying and sharing words of wisdom with Funke Akindele.
  • She served as stand-in makeup artist, served other crew members food on set, confirm costumes and provided other assistance to Funke Akindele on set.


In return, Funke Akindele did the following for her:

  • Paid 250,000 naira for Juliana Olayode’s mother fibroid operation.
  • Donated 150,000 naira to MINE Teenage Ministry, a ministry Toyo baby was involved with.
  • Gave her advice on occasions.


However, Juliana Olayode confirmed that there was a misunderstanding between her and Funke Akindele but she said she cannot disclose the cause of the rift without Funke Akindele’s permission.

How Juliana Olayode Lost Her Virginity

Juliana Olayode

Juliana Olayode has granted several interviews where she claimed to Be A Virgin. Ebony Life Tv Invited Her For An Interview And Asked Her bluntly if she was a virgin during the interview, it was a yes or no question and she said yes, although she was ashamed afterward she felt it was a secret to be kept by her.

Afterward Toyo baby was also on another TV interview titled Crux of the Matter with Elsie and she found herself saying yes to the question of whether she is a virgin again.  She also granted several interviews after that and lived in dread of that moment when she would be asked if she was a virgin again, so she decided to come clean.

She came clean in her book “Rebirth”, she narrated how she lost her virginity at the age of 17 to her married music teacher and gave the sordid detail of how and where the act took place. She explained that she did not see any blood, she also said she saw no cloud, made no sounds and felt nothing special but it was painful all the way.


Toyo Baby And Jenifa’s Diary

Although Jenifa’s Diary brought fame to Juliana Olayode due to her role as Toyosi or Toyo baby, she claimed that it did not bring her wealth. Juliana still had to hustle like every other lady on the street taking ushering jobs to make ends meet after her Toyo baby role. She admitted to being paid for the series but the money could not finance her dreams and it wasn’t what she expected because of how big her role was.

Juliana Olayode Impacting lives
Juliana Olayode Impacting lives

She disclosed in her book that she never had the idea that her role would be that big, she kept being called back season after season and the series took over her life as she was almost living on set, yet, she still had to go for ushering jobs in- between to make ends meet. People recognized her at the event she ushered and she had to laugh her way out of the situation many times.

She got cheated and humiliated most times on the ushering jobs but she allowed God to console her and kept trying to make ends meet. The result is the Toyo baby we are all celebrating today.


Rebirth by Juliana Olayode

Rebirth by Juliana Olayode

Rebirth is more than the story of how Juliana Olayode made fame, it was a story of God’s grace and how he can bring his creation from nothing to something; He certainly turned Toyo baby’s mess into a message.

Toyo baby narrated how she had covenant prayers with her believing sisters when things were going tough for her, God finally made ways for her and she started getting award nominations and her fan base grew overnight.

She wrote her book rebirth to encourage young people like her not to give up on God, by telling the story of how God moved her from grass to grace.  She got famous and finally got the opportunity to do what she has always wanted to do and that was to impact lives of young people like her, Rebirth gave her the chance.

Juliana became a celebrity among celebrities and her story change from that of a pauper into that of a princess; life became sweeter and more meaningful for Toyo.

Juliana Olayode Ambassador for Sickle Cell Aid Foundation

Juliana Olayode Ambassador for Sickle Cell
Juliana Olayode’s Instagram Picture

Scafnigeria recently announced Toyo baby as their new brand ambassador. She posted her picture rocking a T-shirt with the name of the foundation on Instagram on October 31st with the following post:

“@Regrann from @Scafnigeria- We are SUPER excited to announce @Olayodejuliana as our new Ambassador! Her passion, vision and drive for increased awareness about Sickle Cell are exactly what we need! Thank you for joining our course”


Congratulations Toyo baby! You can say Toyo has made it today, she is where she has envisioned and on her way to where she wanted to be. She can now afford to determine what acting job to take, the kind of speaking engagement to honor and endorsements to give consideration to.

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