Corruption Is Toxic! It Can Do These Terrible Things


The Terrors of Corruption


Corruption is an act of wickedness, of robbing, cheating, defrauding, embezzling and gaining through deceit what belongs to friend, family, wife, husband, children, company, church or the nation. It might be properties or money that you are privileged to oversee and you use to destabilize, hurt, damage, and ruin the life of the owner.

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house, you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife… nor anything that is your neighbors”

Ex 20:17 KJV



Corruption Will Hinder Your Greatness

“The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of the transgressors shall destroy them” Proverbs 11:3

“The blessing of the Lord, it makes rich, and He adds no sorrow with it”

Proverbs10:22 KJV


Corruption is a seed that will never make you great, those who got their gains from it are plagued by pains and distress because the meal of corruption cannot digest without adding sorrow. The end of it is usually worse than the beginning. God’s blessing does not come through corruption; but His curses rains on corruption.


If you get to a position in your work place through corruption, forget about promotion, if it comes, it is a trap to disgrace you. Determine to be great, live a stainless life in purity and settle all your cases of corruption, then you will be able to get all the favor, opportunities and blessings coming your way.


Corruption Will Hinder Your Prayers from Being Answered

Prayer of the wicked is an abomination in the Lords sight: now you can now see that corruption is a strong force that is contending against your prayers and blessings. It is the reason God kept quiet and refuses to answer your question of “why can’t I be great?” Be free and flee from corruption and your prayers will be answered.

Items, goods or properties gained through corruption will always shrink and will eventually destroy your vision. The way out is for you to fully repent, confess, and return the items, goods, money and properties you gained through corruption.



Jesus saw Nathaniel coming to him and said to him,

Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!

John 1:47

To be without corruption in ministry means to leave a purified life: a man that must be celebrated without evil invocation, consultation of demonic altar must live a purified life.

Nathaniel’s call, commission, ordination and recommendation were based on purity. The recommendation from Christ is “in whom there is no guile”

The ministry of Gehazi was destroyed because of corruption 2King5:25-27 if Peter had collected money from Simon the sorcerer in Act8: 18-24 it would have led to the collapse of his ministry. Don’t be a corrupt pastor, prophet, Evangelist, Deacon, Elder, Worker or Christian; the end is destruction.



Corruption Brings Bad Luck

Valuing your body and living a life of sanctity can magnet favor and blessing and corruption can magnet bad luck and curses.

You think nobody is there for you; you need to pay your school fees, want a shelter over your head so you sell your body to be great in life? You just made everything worse. Can’t the owner of the temple take care of His temple which is your body? He can as well destroy it when you use your nature to corrupt it.

Joseph was great by sanctity; he rejected the huge offer of potiphar’s wife to buy his body (the temple of God) by fornication contract. Joseph termed it as great wickedness, in-sanctity to God and God made him great. God’s master plan is the best and will be better for you to wait for it.

If you can make your body clean, God will clear the path of greatness for you. It is indeed sweet and honorable to be great.


Poem on Corruption

Titled: Don’t Hire Me

The good man is always disgusted by the way of the wicked

I cant play game with the beast.

Am not the one you are looking for,

You better come another day.


I can’t kick the motherless,

I feel the pains of the widows.

I am not an evil doctor:

Poisonous injections is not in my lab,

The map of evil is not my legacy,

I am not born for evil.


I have not collected any certificate in abortion,

My profession is scaled in justice,

I am not a lawyer, yet I cry for the masses,

Return the evil money;

Don’t waste the blood of the innocent!


God is watching you,

What will you do now?

The man is a father; his family is waiting,

Don’t throw bitterness into this blissful marriage.


I am not one of them,

Don’t call me for evil matters!

Am not born by mistake,

I am an elect of God.

By Solomon Halleluyah


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