7 Remarkable Differences between Courtship and Dating

courtship and dating

Is courtship and dating the same?


Courtship and Dating have been used interchangeably in the past, yet it is not the same. It is not more or less the same; there are clear differences between courtship and dating, people often overlook it but it cannot be erased.

Some people even say courtship is the old fashion word for dating, some says it is a religious or biblical word for dating, this not true. So, what is the difference? How can you tell them apart?



Toasting versus Proposing

The first difference between courtship and dating is that in dating, a partner expresses an amorous interest or love for the other person and if the other partner agrees dating begins.

In courtship a party usually the man expresses a marriage intention toward a woman, if she agrees to become his wife after due consideration, they start preparing for marriage and courtship begins.


Girlfriend/Boyfriend versus Fiancé/Fiancée

The second difference between courtship and dating is that when you are dating, you call each other boyfriend or girlfriend but in courtship, the parties call each other fiancé or fiancée.

When people are just dating it is common for them to refer to each other as girlfriend/boyfriend but never fiancé/fiancée; that is reserved for the more serious term called courtship.

Parental Consent versus Self Will

The third difference between courtship and dating is that before you can call it courtship both parent must be aware and must give their consent. In dating both wish to be together and they came together by self will; this is between the parties involved.

For most people their dating life is kept a secret from their parent until it graduates into a more serious relationship.

Game versus Choice

The fourth difference between courtship and dating is that in dating, you are playing a game but in courtship you have made your choice. Some people date two or more people at the same time to make their choice but you can’t court two or more people at the same time.


Immature Partners versus Mature Partners

The fifth difference between courtship and dating is that dating is usually engaged in by immature partners that are not ready to settle down. Most times both parties are still under their parent while courtship is usually engaged in by mature partners ready for marriage.

Most times in courtship both parties are independent, and physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually matured.

 Fun versus Serious Scrutiny

The sixth difference between courtship and dating is that in dating both partners are out to have fun. They go out on dates, visit exciting places and just enjoy the moment.

But in courtship both parties give serious consideration to each other; they are out to find out incompatibilities that can destroy their intending marriage so they do things deliberately rather than go with the moment.

Also each partner scrutinizes each other in courtship and seeks to build on each other’s strength and weakness.


Friends versus Counselors Peacemakers

The seventh difference between courtship and dating is that usually when there is a fight or breakups in dating friends interfere to settle the dispute. In courtship dispute are settled by counselors, mentors or parents.

In Christian courtship pastors or marriage committees may interfere.

These and many more are the differences between dating and courting. Are you dating or courting? Know the difference.


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