5 mind-blowing excuses to pamper yourself


You Are Long Due For Pampering!


I know you have a lot of excuses to postpone it, but let me give you few excuses to pamper yourself and enjoy now.

Most times we make the mistake of forgetting to have fun. You have worked very hard, you have come a long way, and you have survived a lot; why don’t you pamper the ‘You’ that never gave up? Here are the excuses you need to do just that:


 Life Is Short So Pamper Yourself

Have you ever considered how time flies? You were 17 yesterday or were it not just yesterday you celebrated 25, 30 and so on? 5 years can look like five days and you allow yourself to grow old and frail without getting to smell the flowers.

Don’t miss out on the fun now, you might regret it later. Don’t be too busy to do simple things that makes you happy; life is not a race and those wealth you are struggling to accumulate now at the expense of your health and happiness will mean nothing to you the day you take your last breathe. So do it now! Pamper yourself!


 You Can’t Be the Same Age Twice, Pamper Yourself

Being 29 is not the same as being 30, being 19 is not the same as 20.

When you were a child you took your pen and wrote down all the fun things you would like to do at a certain age; all the beautiful places you wanted to see, all the things you wanted to try, where is the list now?

You can still write another one and go out to have fun! You might have missed the ones you wanted to do at age 15, sweet 16, 20 or 25 but what about this age you are now? Is there a reason why you shouldn’t just go out and pamper yourself now?


What If Now Is All You Have To Pamper Yourself?

If people knew when they were going to die, they would have done things differently, but many never got a second chance.

So, go out and pamper yourself; buy ice cream and lick your fingers, eat what you like without counting the calories,  visit your favorite places and laugh a lot. Be with people you love and create beautiful memories.

People usually have a lot of regret when their loved ones die: they lament about all the promises they never fulfilled thinking there would be time to do them.

Don’t be one of them! Don’t wait when you can do it now! Now might be all you would get with them. So, don’t only pamper yourself; give you loved ones a good pampering too!


 You Might Regret It Later, Pamper Yourself Now!

Many old men and women sigh in regret for lost opportunities: they wished they had become selfish once in their life and grab all life has to offer.

They wondered what they were busy doing and discovered too late that all the money they have accumulated meant little now. Don’t spend all your life working hard without rest thinking of the future: I have news for you, you are in the future!

Yes! This is the time for you to let down your hair, kick off your shoe and have a little bit of fun! Indulge yourself now; you might just regret not pampering yourself when you’ve still got the chance.


 You Are Overdue For It! Pamper Yourself

You deserve to take a time out and do it now! That is what the doctor ordered. You are sick, yes; you have a disease called DOWOSBONFUN, don’t try to analyze it! You are Dull, OverWorked, OverStressed, Bored and Need FUN.

To cure it, I recommend that you inhale and exhale slowly, let down your hair and become a little bit selfish by having fun. Go out and pamper yourself now, you are carrying a prescription for it.

You can’t have too much of joy, laughter, fun and fresh air. I am on your side cheering you on so go out and get selfish! Don’t think about tomorrow at least for today.

Studies have shown that those that sit at same spot for over 1 hour in a day will die earlier than those who keep moving: let’s save your life! Move now! Move out and pamper yourself.

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