How to Get Naked Without Getting Naked

Get Naked


Steps to Real Intimacy in Relationships

Against popular beliefs “getting naked” is not when your bodies are joined together in sexual ecstasy (ask people that patronize prostitutes) it is a process of soul joining, laying your soul bare to another person without fear of reprove, judgment or any sense of shame( now that is what I call true nakedness).

You are truly naked when there is mutual understanding and empathy made possible by presence of mutual love. Want to get naked with your partner? Here is how you can make it possible:

To Get Naked Throw in Complete Honesty

If you want to get naked you have to get honest. Who are you really? Forget pretending to be who you are not and lying your way out of any critical situation because you don’t want to look bad.

You have to be real and also give your partner a chance to be real. This will take us to the next step which has to do with forgiveness.


Nakedness Entails Forgiving and Being Forgiven

If your partner knows that you are a forgiving person and you can get angry or rebuke but at the end of it all there is this gentle, loving and caring part of you that will understand and forgive they will have no qualms about getting Naked with you.

Also you can bare your soul to your partner, if the person is real; he/she will forgive you and appreciate your honesty. This will take us to the next step that talks about keeping secrets.


To Get Naked Learn How to Keep Secrets

You won’t discuss issues that are confidential with a tale teller and that goes for your partner too.

If your partner knows deep down that you can be trusted not to share anything disclosed to you in confidence without asking for permission maybe your partner will be encouraged to get naked with you more. Real relationships that have true intimacy have secrets, you can’t have one without the other.


To Get Naked Listen First

Do you really listen to your partner? Or after few words you just tune out and start harboring resentment? Even if you are the offended party it pays to listen first and hear the full story without jumping in with criticism and accusations.

And leave out the judgment dear, you are not a saint too. Remember that to get naked you have to leave criticism out of it.



To Get Naked You Have To Accept Each Other

You have to accept that your partner is unique and not like anybody else and you also have to accept that your relationship is unique and not like any other relationship.

Don’t compare your partner with another or compare your relationship with other people’s relationship. Cherish what you have together and really talk to each other if improvement is necessary.

Know the difference between talking to each other and talking about each other. To get naked you have to accept what you cannot change about your partner, that is if it is not life threatening.

Real intimacy is not unachievable if you are not ready to make the necessary sacrifice to achieve it. To get naked you don’t really need to get under the sheet; you just need to be true to each other.

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