how to get over an ex you still love


How to Get Over Your Ex

If you have been struggling to get over your ex and get your life back, this article is for you. You probably think it is not possible since you have tried and failed so many times, but you can get over your ex and you will if you can read this through.

Love is a beautiful thing but it can bring pain and lots of heartaches. It’s just like a beautiful rose with thorns, you stare at its vivid beauty and its charm captivates you, then before you know it the thorn inside it prick your fingers and leave it bleeding, that’s love simplified.

You had a wonderful time together and deep down in your heart you know you can do anything for him or her, you start dreaming of your wedding day and blissful wedding night because you know that he/she is the one, then, before you know it you are saying goodbye. It’s not without pain or pool of tears, it’s like someone drove a 6 inches nail into your heart.

Then you discover that no matter how bad he/she has hurt you, no matter what he/she did or didn’t do you don’t ever want to let go but the person has moved on. You found yourself begging and stripping yourself of all your pride and ego but everything you have ever done was not enough because he/she won’t come back. You need to move on but you don’t know how to do it, here is how you can achieve that:

Fantastic Tips to Get over Your Ex and Get Your Life Back

Are you ready to get over that ex now, if you are too chicken-hearted you can stop here but if you have the courage you will get over your ex in few weeks after following these:

Tell Yourself It’s Over

get over your ex

Your ex has explained why you can’t be together anymore; your friends and his\hers comforted you and told you it is over, everybody believed it but you. Well, it’s time for you to believe it too. When you remember the sweet moments you shared with your ex; tell yourself its over, when you miss your ex’s hugs and playful kisses; tell yourself it’s over when you go to places you usually visit together and tears gather in your eyes; tell yourself it’s over.

It is okay to cry, blubber, howl, weep or wail. When you miss him\her so much instead of calling him/her just cry yourself to sleep. Tears mean you have actually in a way accepted the inevitable; he/she might never come back.

No matter how much you still love your ex there is no how you can force him/her to be with you, it won’t be fair to both of you. The first step is acceptance; tell yourself every second until you believe it.

If there is something you used to do together don’t do it alone trying to preserve the memory. If there is a restaurant or fast food you visit with your ex, avoid the place for now. If you used to ride bicycles or take a walk around a particular street or park change your route. Even if you fall sick and get admitted into a hospital don’t call your ex! Don’t beg your ex to pretend you are still together to make you feel better because the truth is that it is truly over. Make sure you keep telling yourself till you believe it.


To Get Over Your Ex; GET BUSY

get over your ex

This is not the time to stop going to work and lock yourself up in your room, get busy. Work can actually take your mind off things especially work that are strenuous and require concentration.

Don’t quit your job now; it’s your relationship that ends not your life. You need to feed yourself and provide yourself with basic necessities. There are people depending on you so don’t be selfish.


I know you can’t just live your life as if nothing happened from the moment your loved one walk out of it but remember that life goes on. Bring work home if possible, if those romantic movies remind you of him/her then replace them with work especially on weekends.

I am not advising you to get an extra work or do overtime just become more dedicated and hardworking. Instead of your boss noticing errors and laziness at work let him see a more dedicated you. Setting a goal at work can help you, you might even get promoted at your workplace and you will be making more money for yourself. It might not make you happier but it will make you more comfortable.


Stop Talking About Your Ex or Your Time Together

I know it can be hard to do this but you can do it. When you are going out with your friends warn them not to talk about your ex and when any of your friends mention your relationship dismiss it with a shrug of your shoulder.

Tell whoever cares to listen that you don’t live in the past anymore because the future holds more happiness for you. Don’t be looking for a pity party! It is okay to get together with your friends and talk about it the moment it happens but after that start handling it on your own.

Don’t spread words that you are suffering or going through depression hoping that the word will get to your ex. If your ex can live without you then you should be able to do the same.

With time, you will feel better and your heart will heal. Break up is never an easy thing but this is the time for you to be strong. If you have a friend that talks about your ex all the time, this is the time to avoid such friend.

When you are tempted to talk about your ex or your time together chew something it will only get you fatter. And if his name comes up in a casual conversation, choose your words carefully and use past tense because your ex now belongs to the past.


Develop a New Hobby

get over your ex

If you do most of what you do for fun together then now is the time to develop a new hobby. You can easily get absorbed in reading. If you can’t find any book that interest you or you don’t like fiction then hit the library. Get books about relationship and heartbreak, if it won’t be useful in your past relationships it will make you make a better choice of life partner in the future.

If you are lazy reader then buy tapes and CD. Listen to songs and sing along with the singer, buy comedy tapes and tapes about singles and marriage, if you feel like crying while listening to the tapes then go ahead and do it.

How about writing? If you are gifted in that area let your heartbreak give you the inspiration to write a bestseller. You can actually write a story about your relationship changing the real names of the character, you can give it your desired end but make sure you don’t deceive yourself by ending it with ‘and they live happily after’ and believing that is how you will end up.

You can also go out with your friends and have fun, remember that your life doesn’t end the moment he/she walked out

get over your ex.


Change Your Wardrobe

This will work mostly for women. Go shopping if you can afford it and have many nice things to wear. You can even change your perfume and soap. Do things you know will make you smile and before you know it other singles will notice that you are available.

Hey! Do not make the mistake of reserving a place for your ex in your heart hoping your ex will come back one day. If your ex wants to come back let him\her fight for that space.

Wear nice clothes and go out with friends it will make you feel better, staying alone and brooding will make things worse. You might just run into your ex in the neighborhood one day, I am sure you won’t want to look like someone that is sick. Let your ex look at you twice and see what he\she is missing, you can walk away with swag and laugh about your actions later.

Stop Distributing Blames

Every relationship is a risk, it is either it ends in marriage or a breakup. You can’t be compatible with everybody and no matter how good you are some people won’t just be able to cope with you.

If you want to get over him faster don’t blame him or yourself if you want a scapegoat blame life. If you have actually done something wrong to merit the break up accept your mistake and know that nobody is perfect. If your ex was at fault then forgive him or her and conclude that you didn’t end up together because you are not meant for each other.

A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage; see it as a blessing in disguise. If you hate your ex for ending the relationship then you won’t be able to forget your ex and might not be able to get into a healthy relationship in the future.

Nobody wants to be around a hateful and spiteful person; you will give out a bad vibe and will lose valuable friendships as a result. Don’t conclude that all girls/guys are the same and say hateful things about the opposite sex you will send good guys\girls away! So believe that your own guy\girl is out there who will love you the way you are.

Life is too wide to be centered on just one person, so, do whatever you can to get over that ex.

Break Any Form of Contact with Your Ex

get over your ex

Don’t start stalking your ex! If either of you meets in the same places all the time or your ex keeps running into you he\she might think you have gone crazy. Don’t call him or her without unknown number and hang up when he\she says hello.

Don’t start sending him or her messages on social media. Don’t post pictures of both of you on social media trying to attract comments on how well you look together.

Don’t start going to same worship center hoping something will bring both of you together again. Don’t even try passing messages across through a mutual friend. If possible delete all your ex’s messages on your phone, delete your ex’s contact and un-friend or block him\her on social media.

Don’t become a psycho stalker because of someone that doesn’t deserve a second glance from you. Make it a do or die affair! You can talk yourself into it. Have an action plan and follow it, for example, you can decide that you are going to leave your phone at home and go for a walk anytime you feel like calling your ex, or if you can’t go out you will call your best friend instead.

Get someone involved to help you with this, it can be one of your friends and report your activities to that your friend. You can give that your friend a call and say “friend, I miss my ex and have a strong urge to call him\her now” and that your friend will come over to keep you company or take you out and make you laugh. This is a time to Love and value yourself, don’t stoop too low that you will begin to invade your ex’s privacy or disrupt his\her life.

Hey! There are better guys\girls out there waiting for you to heal up so that they can treat you the way you deserve. You are going to get better, you are going to fall in love again and get married someday so don’t ever give up on yourself. Don’t let someone steal your life from you and don’t waste it on the wrong person so I dare you to get over your ex now.

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