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An Irresistible Woman Has 5 Cs


An irresistible woman is a woman everyone loves to love.  She is the toast of every party, an enigma, a mystery, a siren, the kind of woman that catches every man’s attention, you might hate her but you just want to be like her.

An irresistible woman might not be beautiful or sexy by the world’s standard but she has a magnetic personality that is hard to resist any day any time. It’s the dream of every man to marry such woman and it is the dream of every woman to have that personality.

Qualities of an Irresistible Woman

Here is how you can be that woman: her weapon is the 5 Cs, you can have it too.

An Irresistible Woman Is “Charming”

Women usually mistake sexy for charming, they are not the same and they are far from each other as far as west is from north. An irresistible woman has a pleasant personality, she has a smile for everyone even strangers and she is not grumpy, doesn’t wear a long face and blame her misfortune on the entire world and take it out on them.

The English dictionary describes charming as being pleasant, charismatic, delightful, and playful. This woman possesses a kind of attractiveness that was likened to that of a magical charm; this means people that are attracted to her sometimes don’t even know why they like her.


An Irresistible Woman Has “Confidence”

There is something irresistible about a woman that walks with her head high. She has confidence in herself and her God-given abilities. She is ever ready to face the challenges of life. She doesn’t only know herself; she also knows people around her and can easily persuade them because she knows how to make them agreeable.

An irresistible woman has dreams and ambition and is not afraid to pursue them. People can identify her with something because she has discovered her potentials and purpose and these have made her unstoppable. Knowledge bring confidence, she knows herself, what she is capable of doing, where her strength lies and her weaknesses so things don’t usually meet her unprepared.


An Irresistible Woman Has “Charisma”

Do you wonder why you will ask somebody to do something and he or she will stubbornly refuse but will do same thing with speed when certain people are involved? Spiritual leaders possess this and also leaders in the world. This is the ability to influence and inspire, motivational speakers also use this weapon to pass across their messages.

An irresistible woman has this weapon in her arsenal; people yield to her easily and this is because she possesses empathy. She is a great listener, she cares about people and gives love and trust easily; this made her receive same in great abundance.


An Irresistible Woman Is “Captivating”

An irresistible woman is fascinating and exciting to be with so she arrests attention wherever she goes. She wears what she is comfortable in, she has a great sense of fashion and without meaning to, exudes a magnetic charm the opposite sex cannot resist.

An irresistible woman does not wear makeup as a mask; it is applied in a simple and careful way that brings out the best of her features instead of making her look like a clown.  An irresistible woman is so natural and carefree that she pulls the crowd with a kind of pure sexuality that men find hard to comprehend. No wonder the world is celebrating this woman, she is a natural celebrity.


An Irresistible Woman Has “Contagious Personality”

Yeah! Whatever she is carrying is contagious; when an irresistible woman sneezes, everybody catches cold. Whether she is carrying a smile or laughter she easily passes it to others because of her pleasant personality.

An irresistible woman has an agreeable personality. This doesn’t mean she agrees with what everybody wants but she is always willing to meet everybody half way to make peace and resolve conflicts amicably. Her diplomacy takes her to the presence of kings and not mere men. An irresistible woman knows how to bend without breaking and she is a pillar of strength to the people around her.


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