How to Tell He Is Falling For You

he is falling for you
he is falling for you

How to Tell He Is Falling For You

Girls can be dumb sometimes, a guy is always around you, look distressed when you are in pain and can give you anything and you think it is brotherly love? Or you think he is just playing best friend? That is the dumbest thoughts you have ever had.

What also confuse girls is that some guys can be so uptight with their emotions that girls that like them have to go into fortune telling and horoscope to analyze their emotions and thinking. Hey! If you have done those things, you are not alone; a thousand other girls have probably tried it today. Stop wasting your money and just read this.


6 Signs That Says He Is Falling For You

So are you ready to know how to tell he is falling for you? Let’s go over the obvious and not so obvious signs a guy gives when he is into you.


·        He calls and text all the Time

he is falling for you

Is he always calling you during the day and at night? Give the poor guy a break, he is not idle or bored, he is just falling for you. He would even ask stupid questions like “did you eat breakfast?”, “what did you eat last night?”, “hope mosquitoes are not disturbing you?” he is a goner, believe me.

Some guys will stalk you on social media like craze and know the minute you come online, this is because they are always monitoring your “last seen”. If he is always the first one to send “hi” to you on social media, forgive the poor guy, he has lost his heart to you. Hey, you are not the only one on his Facebook or Whatsapp page so don’t go on saying rubbish like “he is just being friendly”.


·       He Takes You Out

how to tell he is falling for you


What other proof do you need girl? He is already proving to you that he loves being around you. If he is a friend to you, you might just have to consider the fact that he wants to be more than that. If he is always quick to take to eateries or restaurants when you are hungry, he is not out to fill only your stomach; he wants to fill your heart too.

If he is always inviting you along to events and always wants to be seen with you, the poor guy is falling for you; you don’t need a fortune teller.


·      He is Falling For You If He Teases You Often

he is falling for you

If he is always teasing and pulling your legs to see you smile, maybe he is falling for you and he is living for that smile of yours. I know he hasn’t confessed his feelings yet, but the fact that he calls you names and has all kinds of nicknames for you means something.

Some guys are shy of expressing their feelings especially if they are not sure of the other party’s affection, so he says everything like a joke hoping you will get the gist.


·        He Stares At You for a Long Time

he is falling for you

Oh, girl, This one has been caught in the act; he is just dumbfounded at his depth of feelings for you. He is afraid of expressing that deep down, he is falling for you big time. If you always catch him staring at you and stealing glances at you when he thinks you are not looking, it is a big sign.

If he is just a friend and you find out that when you are in a middle of a conversation it appears as if he is lost and he just stares at you, he is getting distracted by his attraction for you.


·       He is Fallin For You If He Uses Endearments

he is falling for you

If he is always using endearments like dear, love, honey, sweety etc while texting or calling you, he is trying to get his message across in a subtle way. Guys aren’t shy about their feelings nowadays, he is falling for you and he wants you to know it.

Don’t take the endearments lightly if you are not interested in taking your relationship to the next level or you have no romantic intentions towards him, you might just be encouraging him.


  •         He is Generous with You

    he is falling for you

If he can give you anything, it is a sign that he has given his heart first. Don’t get it twisted, a guy can assist you financially even when he is not in love with you but if he is close to you and he is always giving you gifts and helping you out financially, it is a big sign that he is falling for you.

When a guy is falling for a girl, he is always ready to give unless he is broke; guys in love are not stingy! Even the stingiest of guys will be generous when he is falling for you.

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So does this answer your question of how to tell if he is falling for me? Feel free to express your mind by using the comment box.
















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