Joyce Meyer Life, Ministry and Marriage

Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer

 Joyce Meyer Biography, Marriage, Ministry, and Sexual Abuse

We bring you the biography of Joyce Meyer, you will learn about her family and educational background, how she was sexually abused by her father, Joyce Meyer’s marriage and ministry, her books and many other things people don’t know about her.

Joyce Meyer is a household name today, this book writer, motivational and religious speaker and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries has fought a battle with abuse and struggled with love to be where she is today. Many people admire Joyce Meyer today not because of how she looks but because of what she has gone through to be where she is today. She is the role model of many and the sweetheart of her husband Dave Meyer.


Joyce Meyer Birth and Early Life

early life of Joyce Meyer
young Joyce Meyer

She was christened Pauline Joyce Hutchison, born in south St. Lois on the 4th of June, 1943; Joyce Meyer is 74 years as of today. Her father went into the army shortly after her birth; he fought in World War 11.  She got born again at the age of nine but it was not until she had an encounter with God after her marriage with Dave Meyer that her life transformed into what we are celebrating today.

Joyce Meyer graduated from O’Fallon Technical High School; the school was located at her place of birth in St. Lois. Joyce was presented with an Honorary Doctorate Degree; the degree was awarded to her by Life Christian University, an institution in Tampa, Florida. She was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity; she got the degree from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

How Joyce Meyer Was Sexually Abused By Her Father

Joyce Meyer frequently narrates the story of how her father sexually abused her until she ran away from home at the age of 18, but many did not know how and where it all started from. Joyce Meyer who spoke with a working-class St. Lois accent said her father started abusing her sexually after he returned from the war so her childhood was filled with pains of sexual abuse. At 6 years of age, Joyce has been sexually and emotionally abused by her own Father and it continued like that for fifteen years.

Joyce’s father was inducted into the army a day after she was born and she only saw him once during the first three years of her life. When Joyce’s father came back home he became a bitter man who is always angry and addicted to alcohol, Joyce Meyer had to endure nearly 15 years of abuse from him. He kept on abusing her until he destroyed her self-esteem and turned her into a woman that could not handle life.

One day, when Joyce was 14years, her mother once walked in on them, her husband on top of their only daughter then walked out and came back 2 hours later and acted as though she hadn’t been nor seen anything at all.


First Marriage of Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer wedding
Joyce Meyer during her wedding

Joyce Meyer’s abuse did not end at the hands of her father when she clocked 18 years of age, she ran off with the first guy that ever showed interest in her, a guy who ended up being an abusive manipulator, she experienced miscarriage and was abandoned with her first child.

According to her, she could not lose herself from the evil root of rejection that developed in her soul due to the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. After being sexually abused, she thought nobody would want her and married the first guy that showed interest even though he had numerous problems.

Joyce had a five-year-old relationship riddled with pains with her husband who was improperly raised and had similar problems with her. Joyce separated with her husband for close to twenty times in her marriage before the brief marriage ended.  Her husband was living with other women ended up going to prison and they got divorced. Joyce Meyer has one child from the relationship; she named him David after her brother.


Dave and Joyce Meyer’s Marriage

At 22, Joyce had no choice than to return home to the abusive Dad who is happy to have her back for his wicked sexual pleasures. Uneducated, Depressed, grumpy, unhappy, verbally abusive and bitter, and even worse words that described Joyce gave Dave Meyer, a qualified engineer, reason enough not to marry this girl of his dreams but five Dates after meeting her, he married her. She met Dave Meyer when David the child she has from her first husband was just nine months old.

They got married three months after meeting each other; this is what we call a whirlwind marriage. Joyce Meyer divorced her first husband in October and got married to Dave Meyer by January 7 of the following year. They got married withDave Meyer knowing she has a child from her first marriage. They got married on the 7th of January 1967.

They have been married for over 50 years. Joyce trying to gratefully describe her husband says of him; “he has a reverential fear of God and a man that has loved me as Christ loves His Church, UNWAVERING”



Joyce Meyer ministering
Joyce Meyer ministering

Joyce Meyer attended Our Savior’s Lutheran Church briefly in St. Louis; she later started leading early morning Bible class at a cafeteria. Joyce later attended Life Christian Center, a church in Fenton; she became an associate pastor within few years of joining the church. She became a popular Bible teacher and this helped the growth of the church.

Joyce started a 15-minute radio program on St. Louis radio station; she later resigned from being an associate pastor in 1985 to establish her own ministry. Joyce initially named her ministry Life in the Word and started radio programs in six other radio stations. Joyce started a television ministry with her husband Dave Meyer in 1993; her program titled Enjoying Everyday Life is still on air til today.

Dave Meyer groomed her in Christ, simply by his unwavering love and patience for her, then believing in the great person she could become, Dave Meyer took all his savings and put his wife on TV, fully convinced she had a Message that could help many around the Globe and that’s despite experiencing so much pain in his patience with her, on her path to spiritual, emotional and mental healing from all the abuse she had endured since the age of six.

Although, she also helped make the journey easier on him as she had a teachable heart.  Fully aware of her many weaknesses, he still loved her enough to believe in her and show her to the World, building one of the greatest organizations in the World, love beyond the veil.


List of Books By Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer Author

Joyce Meyer has authored many groups as a bestselling Christian speaker and writer. She has written over 70 self-help book and her books have sold over 20 million copies nationwide. She has written the following books among others:


  • The Joy of Believing in Prayer
  • Eat the Cookies…Buy the Shoes
  • The Word, the Name, the Blood
  • Help Me, I’m Depressed
  • The Confident Woman Devotional
  • Start Your New Life Today
  • Any Minute
  • Tell Them I Love Them
  • Never Lose Heart
  • Filled with The Spirit, Understanding God’s Power in Your Life
  • Hearing From God Each Morning
  • Help Me, I’m Stressed
  • Starting and Ending Your Day Right
  • 21 Ways to Finding Peace and Happiness
  • Life in the Word Devotional
  • Battlefield of the Mind
  • Beauty For Ashes
  • Me and My Big Mouth
  • Be Anxious for Nothing
  • Managing Your Emotions
  • Approval Addiction
  • Starting Your Day Right
  • In Pursuit of Peace
  • Seven Things That Steal Your Joy
  • The Power of Simple Prayer
  • Battlefield of the Mind for Teens
  • The Battle Belong to the Lord
  • Eat and Stay Thin
  • Ending Your Day Right
  • Battlefield of the Mind for Kids
  • I Dare You
  • Woman to Woman
  • Eight Ways to Keep the Devil Under Your Feet
  • Being the Person God Made You to Be
  • The Love Revolution
  • The Penny
  • Never Give Up!
  • Power Thoughts
  • The Confident Woman
  • How to Hear From God
  • Battlefield of the Mind Devotional
  • How to Succeed at Being Yourself
  • Straight Talk
  • Enjoying Where You Are On the Way to Where You Are Going
  • Knowing God Intimately
  • Reduce Me to Love
  • Conflict Free Living
  • Look Great, Feel Great
  • If Not for the Grace of God
  • New Day, New You
  • The Secret Power of Speaking God’s Word
  • The Root of Rejection
  • 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life
  • Living Beyond Your Feelings
  • Help Me, I’m Married
  • Life Without Strive
  • Secret to Exceptional Living
  • Change Your Words, Change Your Life
  • Healing the Brokenhearted
  • A leader in the Making
  • The Secret to True Happiness
  • Be Healed in Jesus Name
  • Do Yourself a Favor…Forgive
  • Help Me, I’m Insecure
  • What About Me? AND 49 other Surefire Ways to Lose Your Joy
  • Do It Afraid
  • Weary Warriors, Fainting Saints
  • The Secrets of Spiritual Power
  • Jesus: Name Above All Names
  • Help Me, I’m Worried
  • Love Out Loud
  • Straight Talk on Fear
  • Straight Talk on Worry
  • Reduce Me To Love
  • Daily Blessing Devotional
  • Be Your Best
  • Don’t Dread
  • Why, God, Why
  • The Most Important Decision you Will Ever Make
  • Expect a Move of God in Your Life…Suddenly
  • The Root of Rejection
  • The Power of Determination
  • Trusting God Day by Day
  • A New Way of Living
  • A Life Unleashed
  • God Is Not Mad at You
  • Help Me I’m Afraid
  • When, God, When?
  • Help Me, I’m Discouraged
  • Straight Talk on Insecurity
  • Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits
  • Peace
  • Celebration of Simplicity
  • Help Me-I’m Alone
  • Me and My Big Mouth Study Guide
  • The Power of Being Positive
  • Good Morning, This Is God
  • Teenagers Are People Too!
  • The Power of Forgiveness


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