Unspoken Life Rules Ladies Must Know Before Getting Married

Before getting married

Know These Rules before Getting Married

If you ignore these rules before getting married you will regret it! Being single is a state you cannot be twice, even if you get married and (God forbid) later divorce that makes you a divorcee and not a single lady again.

You are pretty, burden free, and have some precious free time at hand, don’t be in a hurry to get married! Follow these rules first:


Enjoy Now Before Getting Married

The first rule is to enjoy your single state before getting married. Learn and know how to have fun on your own and explore your hobbies. Don’t live as if you are dead and the right man will just appear to breathe life into you! You are whole; feel and act that way.

There is no husband waiting at home, no baby to be breast fed, no kids throwing tantrums, so, kick  off your shoes, let down your hair and enjoy now. Now is the time to serve the Lord with all your heart, go to that cinema and watch that movie you are dying to see, have girls day out, go on a picnic and sing on top of your voice. You are free, FREE! Don’t ever let this opportunity slide.


Build Solid Friendship before Getting Married

You need to build solid friendship with the right people before getting married, this is because your husband is not your Siamese twin and will not be attached to your hip all the time. Married life can be lonely sometimes and your husband might not be available to listen to all your worries and stories, or he might be available but not accessible.

Your husband does not exist for only you in marriage, so, get a dependable, sensible and God-fearing friend you can build a solid and lasting friendship with. You only need one, I repeat ONE! Don’t bring all those party girls into your marriage, you might just regret it.


Get Knowledge before Getting Married

You need to get knowledge about what marriage entails before getting married. You can only build a solid foundation for your marriage by knowledge, many ladies go into marriage with unrealistic expectations and false perceptions then blame God or their spouse when their marriage become a nightmare.

Reading books, attending seminars or lectures and having a married mentor can help. Watching sex tapes will not help you in marriage; it is not all about sex! You can’t have sex all day no matter how sexually active both of you are! Know what the deal is all about before signing the papers; go out and get knowledge.


Study Your Man before Getting Married

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the simple and uncomplicated man wooing you today will always be that way. Don’t get carried away by the dating, romance, sweet words and kind gestures; you are looking at a man on a mission! You are spending the rest of your life with the man; take time to know him before getting married to him.

Some women get surprised in marriage and make regretful remarks like: ‘you are not the man I married’, ‘have you always been like this? ‘How can I be so blind’, ‘you changed suddenly’, ‘I don’t really know you’, ‘who are you really’ etc

A sister once told a story of a man who was very romantic and caring while they were dating, they man later turned into an unrepentant womanizer in marriage.  The lady was too eager to become his wife, was lured by his over-sweet attitude and by the time her eyes got opened, it was too late!

So, are you single now? Enjoy this state and do the right things. It doesn’t last forever so have fun but do not forget the things that matter.


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