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Date with Bola Solate


Classy Singles had a date with Bola Solate the Editor of Public Faces Magazine. She is extraordinary, she is Creative, She is Successful, She is beautiful and she is Single. Join me as we explore her Career, background, lifestyle and Sex life.


Who is Bola Solate?

My name is Bola Solate, I’m from Remo; Sagamu to be precise. I am the last Child from my mother. My father has other wives but from my mother, I am the last Child. I am in my late twenties. I’m into business, Journalism and Presentation.


What is growing up like for Bola Solate?

Growing up is interesting, let me just put it that way. It is just that I have not been able to fathom what my growing up will be like because I am still growing up. I am just someone that always looks positively towards it. From my family, that is my siblings, my cousins, they all love me. It is just normal.


What are those things that shape and direct Bola Solate’s life?

Bola Solate
Bola Solate

I might practically talk from the perspective of my belief because that is paramount. Apart from the family you are from, Things that determine what you will be in life are the kind of family you have, the type of environment you grow up in and what belief you hold. If you do anything in life people will say “Church bayi lo den lo to fi huwabayi”, “Iyakan lo de bi iwoyi” because they will expect you to behave in accordance with those things. So let me just say those are the things that help shape and direct my life.


When did you start public faces magazine and how has it been, managing the magazine?

I was working in a property firm and I fell sick, there was a publication then and I used to go out for my firm to look for advert and do so many things for the firm. My sickness made me to think that I can also do something for myself and I started the stuff. I started as public eye. It was just an advert letter, then, no news story. I had my focus on advert, I got advert and publicize them free of charge to people so I was making money. People were saying there was no news in it. They were saying they expect me to do this, they expect me to do that, so, I started adding news and interviews.

Bola Solate
Bola Ayedun Solate


Later, my dad advised me to go for Journalism instead of continuing what I studied in school. That was in 2008 so I went to MAPOLY to start from ND. I actually went back to study mass communication because I was publishing Public eye Magazine, I later changed it to Public Faces Magazine.


Tell us what you do as the editor of Public faces Magazine

Being an editor is more challenging and I have more to do, all because of the standard of living and standard of things in Nigeria now. I do basically most of what other arms of Journalism do. Like what a reporter does, I still do it, what a photojournalist does, I still do it. Because sometimes I handle a camera when there is no photographer around.


Who is sponsoring Bola Solate?

Advert and Personal Savings, that means I have not been able to do what my mates are doing. Whenever I have money, I will have to save it because I know that I will need it sometimes. Like, in two months or a month I will need money for publications. I will publish and get my money back from Advert. When I do any other media jobs I keep the money, I don’t spend it on myself because I want to buy this or that.


Why did you decide to start out on your own instead of marrying a rich man and spending his money?

What life has taught me is that any man that wants to marry a woman, it means he has what he is doing and he wants the woman to come and help him to do it. The woman that wants to come and help to do it must also have something. Imagine you calling a baby to come and assist you in placing a load on your head. That means you’ve not actually gotten someone capable of doing it.

A lady that is small in capacity and small in experience will not be able to help her guy. I am actually doing this because I know some day; I will be helpful to my husband, my children and other generations after me.


Have you ever been in a situation whereby someone will ask to sleep you before giving you advert?

That one is much o, let me now say, it is now normal to me because I started with jobs that exposed me to people. While growing up, I was helping my mother to sell goods at Sabo. I was even at the Core Junction that is Iyano-Oja at Sagamu. I help my mother to sell goods till 12 in the night. I would have been there by 5’o clock in the morning, and at times, my mom might not even come to the store. I was in secondary school then. Guys will always come when they see a lady selling so I have been experiencing those things for long I later went into film production and while I was acting there were advances.

Also while I was selling properties there were advances from men and then I was even selling what is not easy to sell. Food is easy to sell, clothe is easy to sell but houses is what people don’t think of buying until they have the money. It is like you want people to buy what they don’t want to buy now. When I started my own publication because I have had those experiences, it made it easy for me to say NO. Because I know from those experiences that even if you sleep with so many men, that don’t mean they will buy. And mostly people always have the fear of the unknown “what if I don’t do it?” I usually weigh the options and things that are attached to it and things I will get out of it maybe its money, fame or anything. If it is for fame, I wouldn’t have left film production or film acting. I just thought, “If you want to sleep with me because of this role, then take it away”.


Is Bola Solate in a relationship?



What is your idea of an ideal man? What do you look out for in a man?

OMG! Let me say I am not among those women that will say I want a tall, handsome, this and that guy. He has to be attractive to me but there is this simple thing that I love. I told my Ex when we broke up that the only thing that attracted me to him was that he was working at two extremes of Lagos, like you living at Badagry and working at Lekki and the guy would leave home by 3’o clock and he won’t be home until 12’o clock.

Because I am not idle, I love someone that is energetic and hardworking. I saw being hard working as something that is attractive not what the person has. I love someone that is closer to God as I want to be in the future. So many things that are odd to people are just appealing to me. Like me calling a guy and asking “where are you?” and him saying “I am at work” I don’t like someone that is lazy, like someone that want to call me all through the night and want to visit me in the afternoon. I would be forced to ask him “what do you do?”, because someone that doesn’t add to you will subtract from you. Those are things that attract me not that you are parking your car, you want to spend your money or you are highly placed.


What is your view about sex before marriage?

It depends on the person you are dating. Like my pastor used to say that when you are in the Church that they are not using earring and you want to marry someone in a church where they are using earring would the guy have to remove the earring because he is coming to your church? That means the guy have to pretend. I see no sex before marriage as normal because the bible said it is bad but I put it to other singles in church, every brother and every sister that they are all pretending, because you still find brothers, even youth pastors having sex and they will come out to the pulpit to tell you it is not right. Of what percentage are people that are practicing it. Paul, Saul, Jesus and the likes led by examples not by words alone. If I find Bro Tunde in the Church having a girlfriend and having sex and he is telling me is not right, that means you are telling me it is right. It is not what the Bible says now, if you are telling me I should not have sex before marriage what if I have done it before I came in contact Jesus? And now, going to church I still see it as normal because I have had sex before. Is Jesus still looking at me with that eye? Because it is said that old things have passed away and behold, all things are becoming new. And am now a new being.

Because we are all hypocrites in Church. Because that sister drew a tattoo in her hand, you don’t know if she is a virgin or not. When people started talking about Tope Alabi, I told someone that Church is just like a Hospital, it is not everybody that is hale and hearty enough. Maybe I just received Jesus; I am not like someone that has been in church before. Even the righteousness of Pastors is like filthy rags before the Lord. Not everybody will be like Pastor Adeboye. If you expect me to be as righteous as he is, does God relate with me the way He relates with Pastor Adeboye? Because I am still growing in the things of the Lord, you expect me to be a virgin. If someone is not a virgin does it mean she is a write-off in church? If brothers refuse to marry her she will still have to go back and date the people she was dating before. Instead of the people in Church to accept her that she was like that because she was in the world before. What about people that have done abortions several times but the people in the church does not know? And people will be looking at them like sister whatever you are holy o. so, you see I don’t really have much to say about it.

It is even worse when it is the sisters, what about the brothers? Because that thing does not have a door does it mean the brother is right? So because women have hymen covering that place and the thing has been broken you condemn them. What about the brothers? It is true that the bible says let your bed be holy before marriage but it is only God that can judge.


What about you? Can you have sex before marriage?

I can, if I am dating the person that accept that we should do it before marriage, if I am dating someone that his belief is on that we cannot do it, I will comply. You can’t come to me on the platform that you cannot have sex before marriage and because we are getting close you started demanding for it, you won’t get it. If we both believe, we can do it and we can both ask for forgiveness if things seem to go wrong. But don’t behave as if you are brother holy and sister holy and you are later doing it. I hate pretence.


Have you done anything you later regret before?

Yes I have done it, even in business. It is like asking a breastfeeding mother the last day she breastfed her baby; She breastfeed every day. So I do it all the time because I am human. If you read about temperament before, I am Sanguine. Sanguine are people that will offend you and they are the type of people that will say “I am Sorry” a thousand times. I am super Extrovert. When I am in the midst of people I will be the first to talk. I like to talk and that is how God created me. And being who I am there is no how I won’t offend people because I talk a lot. So I apologize when I have said something wrong.


You always manage to look good all the time, where does Bola Solate get her fashion sense from?

From life, I am just myself. People like me; they call us Sanguine because we always care about our outlook. Because we want to stand up in the midst of people to talk we like to dress well. I like being in the front always because that is the kind of person I am. Some people like to work behind the scene and they might even be better than someone like me that talk all the time. That is people for you. Because people don’t talk all the time doesn’t mean they are proud. Someone like me, if you just greet me, you’ve started a conversation. I like to cheer people up.


What does Bola Solate do to stay beautiful?

To stay beautiful, I rest, because I stress myself too much. I always have too much to do. Like I might have four programs a week, I have to attend to my publication and other publications, Journalism, media and so many things so I have to find time to balance it up. So I have to rest.


What is your Philosophy of life?

I just feel that in life, what will be will be. I found out that in life, if you hold on to something that this thing will not leave me, the thing might leave you and you won’t even know. The thing might even be there and it will be no more important. I remember that when I was growing up I wanted to buy tom bra, then I have not started using bra. I thought of Tom bra for more than a year, it was just 35 naira then. And when my sister finally bought one for me, I didn’t use it. Later I got to know that I get angry easily, I now thought that maybe it was because I was trying to move with more people than before. Then I learn to forgive and forget.


What is your advice for Singles like you out there?

The word Single is a very challenging word. If I have a female Child I would like her to get married early like 22 or 23. I will love her to get married at that age and I would provide for her or let her work to know the value of money.

It is not easy for someone like us working to make ends meet. My parents don’t force me to work. I might just be a mediocre and live on my parent. I just don’t like that, I love doing something extraordinary. That means you have to do something out of the ordinary, you offend people, step on people’s toes and do things you said you would never do. I advice youths out there to stand on their own and belief in their life. Then help the person you are dating, help your family, just be productive and have impact on lives. They shouldn’t force themselves to do what others are doing like using Brazilian hair, buying Tm Shirt or buying Ankara for parties.


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