5 Cute Things Men Do That Drive Women Crazy


Things You Do That Drive Women Crazy


Driving women crazy will come easy to you when you read this article.

There are reasons why women idolize some men.  Have you ever wondered why women go crazy for a particular man that is neither attractive nor possesses six packs? There are men who find their ways into the heart of women by doing cute things. Yeah! Your six packs might not be adorable to many women but in majority of women sees these acts as cute:


Holding a Baby Drive Women Crazy

Have you ever taken a picture of yourself holding a baby even if the baby is not yours? Post the picture on social media and watch the kind of comments that will roll in from women. When they comment “this is soooo cute” they are not talking about the baby alone.

At that moment the tiny baby in your hand look small in contrast to the larger than life you, so for a moment they are touched that you have the courage to hold one of life’s greatest miracles in your hand.

Yeah! It drives women crazy: they compare the baby’s fragility to your strength and see you as a strong and macho man. Just make sure the baby you are carrying is cute.


Going out Of Your Way to be Nice Drive Women Crazy

Well, this definitely scores some points with majority of women. When a man go out of his way to do nice things for a woman that can inconvenient him but at the long run will save her some trouble, the man scores higher points and automatically enters her cute book.

So if you are a man that wants to drive women crazy don’t extend a helping hand only when it is convenient for you. Men fear being taken for granted or being seen as a fool but that is not the case; you are not a fool, you are cute, and it drives women crazy.


Celebrating the Women in Your Life Drive Women Crazy

I think a man that celebrates his mother, sister and lady friends is cute and so does other women. For instance a man that celebrate his mother’s achievement or sisters birthday is seen as a man that appreciates the women in his life.

Such man is cute and eligible because women know he will go ahead to celebrate any woman that is lucky enough walk down the aisle with him.

So do you want to be cute and drive women crazy as a man? Celebrate the women in your life and be proud of them.


Helping Women with Their Loads Drive Women Crazy

Women are fragile creatures and contrary to what you thing those bags are too heavy for her, she might not ask you to help her carry it but she will think you are cute if you help anyway.

Why do you think the gentlemen of hold open doors for women and draw out their chairs for them to sit? Even fainting those days was seen as a fashionable.

It is true that today’s women are strong and independent but they still won’t mind if you go out of your way to help them lift heavy things. When you do this, they see you as strong and cute and it drives them crazy.


Reciprocating Their Hellos and Smiles Drive Women Crazy

Don’t ever snob a woman publicly, it is the most “un-cute” thing you would ever do even if she is a stranger. If you are the object of her crush she has probably suffered many sleepless nights before she can muster up the courage to say hello, so even if you are a superstar return her smile and say hi.

Frowning all the time does not make you look strong or professional, it makes you look like a jerk. A smiling man is cute especially if he has dimples; women love dimples.

So guys, want to lay claim to cuteness? You want to drive women crazy? Do the things listed above. A cute man is attractive and irresistible, women fall all over themselves to do things for him. Forget about working out at the gym all the time; six Packs does not make you cute, it makes you strong.


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