How to Prepare the Perfect Love Portion


Make Him Crazy for You in Five Steps


Do you want to make him nuts for you? By nut I mean twenty missed calls a day, can’t live without you, you are my only woman crazy. Making a love portion is the solution.

If you want your guy to love you and only you then you have got to make a love portion. The ingredients might be scarce but it is worth finding them so get your apron ready and let’s go make it right away.


How to Prepare the Perfect Love Portion

Making a love portion is not really hard; you just need to have the courage to go through it. Ready?


Slice the Affection into Half

This is the first step in making that love portion. Think you have the courage to use a knife? Even if you don’t have it, borrow it.

If you want him permanently then you’ve got to stop being a doormat.  Guys are crazy for girls that seem unreachable, they like the chase; they enjoy being the hunter!

Do you remember when he was still trying to win your heart? He will bring gifts, won’t stop calling and will endure your insults but now that he knows he has you and you are hopelessly in love, he is relaxed and has started chasing other girls.

I know you want to be the perfect woman for him but it won’t do you any good if you get dumped. The trick is to show only half of what you feel for him. So, the first step is to slice the affection into half and keep the rest.


Play Hard To Get

This is the second step in making that love portion and it takes lots of will and determination.  You are probably so comfortable in the relationship that you don’t remember how to play hard to get anymore, you have to polish that skill; you need it now.

Once you raise your value and become a little scarce, he will notice. He will scratch his head and try to figure out what went wrong. You are not at his beck and call anymore and you won’t ask ‘how high’ if he ask you to jump, so, he would want to fix it.

Poor guy, it is not as if he doesn’t love you, he just want to have some fun and now it is getting out of hand. He would start paying more attention to you and that is when you move to step 2: run and let him catch you, Like seriously, he doesn’t want to lose you.

Don’t pick his call at first ring, stop visiting him all the time and stop telling him ‘I love you’ ten times in a day. Just say ‘take care’ instead of saying ‘I love you’.


Become A Slay Queen

Getting to this third love portion step takes more than will, it takes passion too. I am convinced you want to keep him forever now because you love him. Let’s go ahead and convince him too.

I am not asking you to pick up a sword, just pay more attention to how you look. Go shopping if you can afford it, look gorgeous any time you know you will meet someplace by chance.

If you get compliments, enjoy them! If he is trying to monopolize you or tell everyone you belong to him tell him ‘every woman belongs to God and herself until she is married’, have fun and watch him go crazy.

He will start dropping his side- chicks one by one because he will think you are getting away and he can’t stand it.


Lay Down New Sets of Rules

I guess you are enjoying yourself now; this fourth love portion step is not hard at all. Know what princess syndrome is? It is you feeling adorable, over-loved and in-charge.

Start feeling adorable, have the princess syndrome and call for a small talk. Tell him good girls are getting scarce and if he is interested in keeping you, he will need to work harder.

Tell him you need more to give more; then lay your cards on the table. Tell him you need a man that will be considerate and do thoughtful things, tell him he is either in or out. Let him feel scared, you can try talking to your mirror for practice. Give him some time to think about it.


Spice Everything Up

Congratulations for getting to this step, this is the last step in making the perfect love portion. You need lots of quality spices and in the right quantity.

You know what spices do for food; it is now time to add the spice. Some ladies feel relaxed and start feeling and acting married because they have been in a relationship for long. This is a big No! No! No! I am shaking my head now for effect.

Do unpredictable things, take time to work on yourself and add spice to your relationship. Do new things and let him look at you with new eyes. Start acting like 10 girls put together and he will drop the other 10 girls.

Change your dressing style a little, dream big and do something to make him proud, learn new skills or vocations. Take him to the beach and act like children, you can also try taking him out on dates and paying the bills *winks*


If you miss any of these love portion steps, just go back to step one. Don’t be too scared of losing him that you refuse to try, life is all about risks and you might be losing him little by little now.

So get bold and make that love portion now. Try this new recipe to spice things up in your relationship. I am on your side cheering you on.


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