10 Embarrassing Reasons Not To Dress Half Naked

dress half naked

These are what Happen When You Dress Half Naked!


Dressing half naked is in vogue now! Nowadays, when ladies dress they leave little to men’s imaginations and this is putting them in lots of trouble.

I know there is an irresistible urge to do what is in vogue, to belong and fit in with the other babes or to be a slay queen but you have to curb the urge to dress half naked for the following reasons:


Embarrassing Reasons You Should Not Dress Half Naked

I know you are an adult, your body belong to you, this is the 21st century and others are doing it but before you dress half naked again, remember that:


Guys Seldom Marry Half Naked Girls

There is a revolution going on now: because divorce is now rampant guys want ladies that will faithful and take care of their kids. They are convinced ladies that dress half naked can’t do this!

He can take you to club or the beach but he won’t take you home to his mama. He thinks your moral is loose and there is little difference between you and a slut.


When You Dress Naked, Everything about You Screams ‘Sex’

Your boobs is on display, you  wear transparent top showing  the outline of your back and your thigh and upper part of  your buttock is on display, you are saying “hey want sex?”.

When a guy sees you like this it tells him you only want sex and that is the only thing you are good for.


You Are Corrupting Kids

You walk on the street half naked and young boys gawk at you; they don’t need to buy a cheap magazine to sneak a peek at a woman’s body when you are a walking biology book.

You are displaying the real thing and destroying the perception of those young kids about women. Don’t let them grow up thinking of women as sex objects; please cover up and stop dressing half naked.


Dressing Half Naked It is an Insult to Your Mother

Ladies in the western world might do this and people will view it as a light thing but African has value. It is not a bad thing to dress fashionably or have a good fashion sense, but, don’t take it to the extreme by dressing half naked.

When people see you dressing half naked, you are telling the world that your mother has failed in her duties and did a poor job of bringing you up. You are advertising her incompetency! You are betraying her!


Dressing Half Naked Exposes You to Sexual Assault

When you dress half naked, you are telling men you are available and anything goes; don’t complain if you are sexually assaulted.

When a man can get you alone and your boobs are on display, there is no way you can convince him that you don’t want to have sex with him.


No Responsible Man Will Ask You Out

When you dress half naked, I know you will get many invitations at the end of the day and more men will woo you and try to get you to go out with them but 99.9% of them are only out to have a good time with you.

Married men looking for a quick fix will also ask you out and fill your ears with lies. They just want to get those things they think they are missing at home. That’s all.


 Dressing Half Naked Exposes You to Harsh Weather

You look hot all alright but you are also exposed to the hot sun and harsh weather. Even those who dress half naked in the western world almost freeze to death. The primary purpose of clothing is to cover your body and protect it from the elements. The idea about it being a fashion statement came many years after.

Africa is a country dominated by hot sun, don’t complain if you get your skin fried and have sunburn and wrinkles.


Dressing Half Naked Makes You Public Property

You have no right to tag any part of your body as private part again when you dress half naked; it becomes public property.

Some people just wear a light transparent thing without under wears, well done; the guys will send their thank you notes for those free x-rated free shows you are dishing out. I know Rihanna and Beyonce do it all the time but you are not B or R.


Dressing Half Naked Makes Your In-laws Detest You

You see that grandma making evil eyes at you? She might just end up being related to your fiancé. She will let the dogs loose on you when you visit.

Yes ma, his mama doesn’t like half naked girls, she thinks they lack morals and won’t bring up her grandchildren well.


Dressing Half Naked Opens You to All Kinds of Insults

Some audacious area boys will swat your buttocks and jeer at you, old women will abuse you and rain curses on your mother.

Some people might just take pictures of your half naked boobs and backside and put it on social media, when he/she posts the picture, people will rain curses and insults on you.


Dressing half naked is not worth all the trouble you will bring on yourself, so, resist the urge to do it. You are valuable as a woman and so is your body, be fashionable, yet set boundaries on what is indecent and what is not.


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