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5 Fantastic Reasons to Keep Your Black Skin


You Will Never Bleach Your Black Skin After Reading This


Apart from ending up with skin cancer or a disfigured skin there are other fantastic and mind-blowing reasons why you shouldn’t tamper with your black skin.

In this era where you can easily get bleaching cream as cheap as #150 and half- caste creams is everywhere you would want to keep your black skin after reading this.

Beauty is skin deep so if you haven’t tampered with your black skin yet, don’t! If you have tampered with yours, I wish you best of luck; you will need it.

Your Black Skin Represents Africa

Africa is a continent that is rich in culture, customs and resources. Africa is indeed a blessed continent and you are one of her blessings; you represent her!

Forget about over ambitious ladies that want to look like the white: they end up looking like zebras. God made majority of Africans black because of our weather, your skin glitters in the sun; it is sun kissed and sun friendly, the sun polishes it and does not destroy it.

Unless you want to relocate to other continent; don’t touch that skin! And no matter the amount of bleaching creams you use, it will be no good because you will never fit in; your skin will look like something stuck between white and black.


 Black Skin is Original!

That your black skin belongs to you, it is not a mask you are wearing so be proud of it!

Don’t make the mistake of hating your complexion and don’t ever feel inferior. If only you knew how you will look when the aftermath of bleaching starts you will never be tempted.

That your beautiful black skin gives you a pass mark for originality; hang on and be proud.


Bleached People Envy Your Black Skin

Whenever I see black ladies with their well polished complexion, I wonder if they know how lucky they are.

If only you could see yourself through the eyes of the so called fake ‘whitee’. you will be proud. If any fake ‘whitee’ is handing you a bleaching cream, it is out of envy.

You don’t have phobia for spots; that is their nightmare! You don’t fear the sun because of your skin; they do! Many go out fair and come back looking darker at the end of the day.


Your Black Skin is Beautiful

Do you think fair people are actually prettier, hotter and more attractive? You can’t be more wrong; that your black skin is the real thing.

Embrace the beauty of your skin; you can’t get a better deal, even if you try. Your beauty is natural, pure and beautiful; both inside and outside.

So, resist the urge to manipulate your skin; it will be beautiful for a few years and ugly forever! To stay beautiful forever, don’t bleach or whiten your black skin.

Once you try one bleaching cream, you cannot stop. Yes, you can’t stop at one. Once initiated you have to continue maintaining it which is usually expensive, also, you can’t achieve that your smooth perfect ebony color again!

Once you start bleaching, your skin begins to carry two or more colors. Borrow some wisdom now; don’t touch that beauty! Your black skin is a blessing.


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