5 Disastrous Relationship Mistake Every Woman Makes

Relationship mistake


Some relationship mistake might look trivial to you but it can break your heart and torment you with “what ifs?”

The most deadly relationship mistake you will ever make is to skim over this article or not reading it to the end, you might regret it!

So everyone make mistake in their relationship once in a while (I have too), but there are some mistakes you can’t make twice: once is enough to wreck your life. Let me help you avoid them.


Disastrous Relationship Mistake to Avoid

I care about your relationship and I want you to end up getting what you deserve (which is the best). So are you ready now?  Let’s go over them one after the other.


The Relationship Mistake of Advertising Your Relationship Too Soon

This is very common relationship mistake; almost every single lady is guilty of this! You meet him today and a week after he is all over your social media platforms. You will regret making this relationship mistake.

Can’t recognize the mistake there? You are giving too much too soon! Yesterday you displayed the picture of both of you with “hanging out with boo” or “Chilling with the man in my life” and the next day he is calling it off or you discovered he is not the real thing.

You can delete those posts or pictures but it has gone viral and everybody knows you are taken. Is it bad to advertise your love? Should your relationship be kept a secret? The answer to both is no but you are committing a grave mistake if you put it up too soon.

Give it minimum of three months; most relationships usually break up before then. If you discover it is the real thing then you can go ahead to celebrate it.


The Relationship Mistake of Co-habiting

This is the second most disastrous relationship mistake ladies make. It is like letting him get the milk without buying the cow; you will be sorry you did.

It is like marriage without certificate or marriage on credit; most guys won’t pay. If he cannot afford a big wedding now let him take you to the registry or go and get your parent’s blessing. Don’t cohabit and wait till he can afford a society wedding! You can laugh over it now but you will cry later.


The Relationship Mistake of Acting Married

Here comes the most popular and most disastrous relationship mistake. You wear uniform attire, attend functions together and even call him hubby but he hasn’t married you yet; who are you deceiving?

I am going to be pretty blunt here, before you start saying “ Subomi can so blow everything out of proportion” you are the only one feeling and acting married here, his status on Facebook is still ‘Single’.

You spend all your weekends in his house and his co-tenants recognize you, so what? His mother can recognize you in the dark and even his friends know you are his “wife” really?  Without a marriage certificate that says so all this is crap.

If I start telling you stories of women who feels and act like a wife and how they ended up in tears you will spend all day on my site. Baby wake up, he is just sampling, until something is sold it is still on the market.


The Relationship Mistake of Ignoring Side Chicks

This relationship mistake can so destroy your happiness that before you know what hit you, you will be divorced.

Ask Toke Makinwa, the woman who gave her a run for her husband was a side chick. If she is always in his life and his home even if he calls her his friend don’t take it lying down!

In Toke Makinwa’s book “on becoming” she said her husband Maje Ayida used to refer to Anita Solomon as the girl who had a crush on him before he got married to Toke. She wrecked Toke Makinwa’s marriage by getting pregnant for Maje Ayida.

Side chicks are time bombs waiting to explode in the future; I can write a whole book on them. I am not telling you to act bitchy by fighting them; I am telling you to act wise by making him cut all ties with them.


The Relationship Mistake of Trying to Get Pregnant Before Marriage

This relationship mistake can so mess you up that before you open your eyes you are neck deep in shit.

If he is waiting for you to get pregnant before marrying you two things are involved like Basket mouth. It is either he is out to get too much sex too soon or all he wants from you is a baby.

If a prophet claims you should get pregnant before marriage or you will never get pregnant after marriage, it is man’s solution. You should tackle such problems with prayers instead. Some women get pregnant, get married and lose the baby after marriage and many could not conceive after that.

And what if because of your anxiety to get pregnant the baby does not come on time? He will surely dump you for another fertile woman.


I have taken the time to analyze these points because I want you to be getting married rather than getting dumped. Send me your wedding IV when it is time, but you will have to act wisely by following this advice because only wise girls get the ring.


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