5 Scary Signs That Says You Are Going Crazy

going Crazy

Are You Going Crazy? Think You Are Losing It?


Do you think you might be going crazy? Want to find out for sure? It is expensive to get a psychiatric check up and it is a waste of time. Plus there might be nobody to take you there and it will be awkward to go alone. So, just save some time, energy and money by reading this:


Signs You Are Going Crazy

You are really going crazy if you notice any of these signs


You Turn Every Argument into a Fight

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if the above is true, you might be going crazy. It means there is a screw loose somewhere up there and you have to get it tightened. If you always have the itch to use your fist often, then something is wrong somewhere.

Everybody is not your enemy and every argument does not have to result in a fight. Have you noticed that you say “do you want to fight me?” to almost everybody you argue with almost half of the time? Save your money, you are going crazy.


You Are Going Crazy If You Bark Often

If you bark all the time, you are not a dog reincarnate, you are just going crazy. Do you notice that people fear a confrontation with you? Have you ever told someone you would bite them? Just ask your best friend to lock you inside and send for a psychiatrist.

If you shout all the time and people are even afraid to correct you or challenge your decisions, you don’t need a checkup; tell them to register you right away.


You Are Going Crazy If You Get Moody for No Reason

If you are always moody and you think everyone is out to offend you, don’t try to analyze what you can’t understand, I hate to break the news to you but you need help because you are going crazy.

You see, when there is a screw loose somewhere upstairs it brings an imaginary darkness and gloom over the world; you can’t seem to enjoy anything and nobody can just do anything right. If these happen most of the time, don’t try to give excuses! It is not PMS; it is not a personality disorder or temperament! You are going crazy.


You Are Going Crazy If You Are Always Right

If you are always right, and you think people are too jealous to admit it, you might just be going crazy. Well, little Miss Right or big Mr. Right, you don’t have the highest IQ in the world, you just have a screw loose upstairs.

Not everyone needs a lecture on how to behave properly, they just need a heart that cares and understand. Do you make people feel like a moron after talking to you? Aha! Did something drop now? That screw just fell.


You Are Going Crazy If You Think You Are Perfect

I hate to be the one to bring you to your senses but nobody is perfect and I guess you are a body. Not everybody is jealous of you and everybody cannot love you. The universe doesn’t revolve around you so come down from cloud nine and see to your condition.

Your attitude is not perfect, your body is not perfect and your idea is not the best! If you don’t love the imperfect you then something is missing upstairs, hey! It is a screw.

Did you confirm that you are going crazy? Don’t panic, half of the world is anyway. Ask for help and get a character make-over. Get those screws tightened before it gets out of hand.


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