Foolproof Tactics to Catch a Cheating Partner


Detective 101

Do you want to catch that cheating partner in the act? You don’t need to be a James bond to do that, with this foolproof tactics you can catch him/her and stop feeling like a fool.

Cheating is a very bad thing especially in a relationship. It makes the partner at the receiving end feel like a fool especially if the partner has been committed to the relationship. On the other hand the cheating partner gets to cheat all the time and get away with it.

Nobody deserves to be made fool of and a relationship is not a joke. It is said that every day is for the thief but one day is for the owner, catch your cheating partner in the act with these Tips and stop being the victim.


Ready to play detective? Put on your badge and put on your uniform; we have a two faced thief to catch.


Be Sure You Have a Cheating Partner

Distrust is a bad thing in a relationship. Do you suspect your partner of cheating on you? Do you even have evidence that your instinct is right? Are you sure it is not just a false alarm?

Has your partner cheated on you before? Have you confronted your partner but he or she kept denying your allegations and kept making you feel like a fool? If the answers to these entire questions are yes, then you can go ahead to put things in place to catch your partner red handed.

You need proof before you can end the relationship so that the answer to what if your partner is innocent? Will not come back to haunt you for the rest of your life. Yes, catching a cheating partner is good but if it is a false alarm or you are just paranoid you might destroy partner’s trust and your relationship.


Have a Foolproof Plan

You need a plan and a foolproof one to catch a cheating partner, because, you might only have one shot at this. If you fail and your partner become aware of your plans, he\she will become more careful in the future and you might not have another chance at this again, so plan carefully.

Do you have a target in mind? By target I mean the man/woman the partner is cheating on you with? Then plan around your target. You don’t need to hire a detective to do this, don’t even inform all your friends! It will help you save face if the plan fails.


Become Predictable

Let your partner be able to predict where you will be at a particular point in time. You can do that for two or three weeks. Just give your partner a call whenever you are hanging out with friends or eating lunch or dinner in a particular place.

Your cheating partner will be sure he\she knows your movement and will plan around it because he\she does not want to be caught. Make sure you are truthful with your reports of your movement because he or she will check on you.

A cheating partner is also a liar and a calculated risk taker; he\she wants to eat his\her cake and have it and doesn’t care whose horse is gored in the process.


Get an Accomplice/Ally

A person cannot be in two places at a time. You need a very close friend you can trust to help you with this, while you are busy being predictable you will ask your partner about his\her movement and ask your friend to help you check out your cheating partner’s location.

Is your partner at the exact location he or she claim to be? Is your partner alone or with someone else?  Answer to these questions will guide you on your next move.


BE Wise\ Don’t Act Like a Fool

If you find your partner with another man\woman don’t go ahead to embarrass him\her immediately, your partner might claim the person is a business partner or they just met casually, make sure you see them together consistently for a long period of time.

Ask your friend if it is the same lady\man your partner is going out with and ask your friend if they act like they are out on a date or on a business meeting.


Catch Cheating Partner in the Act

To get your proof that your partner is really cheating on you, you have to confront your cheating partner when he\she is with the person he or she is using to cheat on you. Don’t see the man\woman as an enemy, both of you might be victims of the same circumstance.

Your cheating partner might have lied to both of you, so, if you confront your partner when he\she is with the other person you will be putting him/her in dilemma. Either way, your partner will be at the losing end.

Just stroll in casually into the restaurant both of them are or into his/her house if that is where they usually meet and act as if nothing is happening. Greet cheating your partner warmly and ask to be introduced to the other person. If your partner is acting perplex or uncomfortable, just go ahead and introduce yourself to the other person and watch all hell let loose.

Nobody deserves to be cheated on, if you were able to catch them; then accept my congratulations, if not, you can always try again after some time but I will advise you to follow your intuition and let go. You don’t deserve to be in a relationship where you are unsure of your partner’s faithfulness. Anyways, I wish you best of luck.


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