Want Timely Tips to Avoid Break-up?

Avoid break-up

These tips will guarantee you love without tears

Many love end in tears and agony, how do you ensure that yours doesn’t? A relationship can be likened to a garden: no matter how beautiful it looks now, without maintenance it will look like a bush later.

Thorns is inevitable, don’t be deceived, in few years time, it is either you break-up or get married. Here is how to avoid break-up and ensure that your love grows into marriage:


To avoid break-up know each other

To avoid break-up you have to know each other’s weakness and strength. People spend years together without knowing important things about each other. It is not enough to know your partner’s best food or favorite chocolate; those things are trivial.

Know important things like what can hurt or offend your partner, how best to pacify your partner and what really makes your partner happy. We love to be around people that make us happy: know signs your partner gives when he\she is bothered; both the obvious and not so obvious ones.


To avoid break-up don’t take each other for granted

To avoid break-up make sure you don’t take your partner’s love for granted. Don’t think your partner will go on loving you forever no matter what you do, it is not wise to think so.

Don’t push your partner hard to the extent that he\she starts enduring and not enjoying the relationship. There are many people out there that want what you have: there is probably someone coveting your partner right now. Don’t let someone steal him/her away because of your carelessness!


To avoid break-up give and take

To avoid break-up, don’t be too stingy in your relationship.  It can destroy not only your relationship but your life too! Nothing is too small to give and nothing is too small to be accepted. Help each other in times of need if you can afford it: it will make your relationship stronger.

Give out gifts during birthdays, holidays and festivals; fill your partner’s home with tokens of your love. A pen is a gift, a diary is a gift, teacups, food flasks or even a comb might look small but your partner will remember you when he\she uses them.


To avoid break-up be sensitive and alert

Keep your eyes wide open for danger signals to avoid break-up in your relationship. Prevention is better than cure: have the eyes of an eagle that spots problems from afar. Don’t ever think something is too small to cause a breakup; take care of it now!

After breakups many couples would discover that what actually caused the breakup was something they overlooked or underestimated. An iceberg might look small on the surface but it can sink a whole ship! It did sink the Titanic.


To avoid break-up reconcile quickly

To avoid break-up don’t allow the sun to set without reconciling with your partner in time of conflict is very dangerous; it has caused many to break-up suddenly! Harboring resentment and grudges for a day might look like the normal thing to do, but it is unwise.

A lot can happen that can change the course of your relationship within 24 hours. Be quick to apologize and accept apology to save your relationship: it doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you value what you have.

Cultivate your relationship tenderly, water it with love, communication is like sunshine; it allows your flower to bloom, remove thorns like resentment or stinginess and the result is love without tears.


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