Tips for Easy Hitch free Christmas Shopping


Tips for Easy Christmas Shopping you shouldn’t miss 

This is Christmas season and you need these tips for hitch free and easy Christmas shopping. Everyone is going to be visiting malls, supermarkets, shops, stalls etc both online and offline for food items, gift items, clothes, etc this Christmas season so we bring you tips for easy shopping that can save you a lot of stress, energy and you get to spend less too!

We know Christmas season can be strenuous because almost everybody is going to the market to purchase one item or the other, so you have to spend more time in the market and more money because some food items and gifts are going to keep getting costlier as time goes on. We all did a little economics in school, once demand rises, the price is going to rise too, so store owners are looking for means to make more money out of buyers that is why you need to read this tips for easy Christmas shopping to beat them at their game.


Tips for Hitch Free And Easy Christmas Shopping

The tips are:

  • Do your Christmas shopping early
  • Make a list of items to buy during Christmas shopping
  • Have a budget
  • Visit as many stores as possible for your Christmas shopping
  • Resist the urge to spend more than you can afford


Now let us pick these tips for easy Christmas shopping and analyze them one after the other

Do Your Christmas Shopping Early

early Christmas shopping

You have to work hard to play hard so almost everyone is busy now trying to tie all lose ends to finish all their work before it is time for Christmas, so they postpone their Christmas shopping till it is two days to Christmas some even do theirs on Christmas eve, this is not a wise decision.

Endeavour to buy imperishable food items like rice, groundnut oil, seasonings etc at least a week before Christmas, you can also purchase your gift items and clothes at the same time, this will save you a lot of stress and you won’t have to pay through your nose for it later. Don’t wait till it is two days to Christmas before searching for what to buy on Konga, Amazon and other online shopping stores, you will regret it.


Make a list of the items to buy during Christmas shopping

Christmas Shopping list

Don’t just storm the market without making a list, you will end up buying unnecessary items and you will spend more than you bargain for. The danger in not making a list during Christmas shopping is that you might leave out some items, you will end up buying what you don’t need and you will suffer for it later.

Making a list is not old fashion, write down everything you will need three days before you storm the market so that you can consult friends and later add items you miss out before doing your Christmas shopping. While making the list, try to add a working price or an estimated price based on the last price you bought those items, you can also consult friends to know the current price to make your Christmas shopping easier.

Have a budget for your Christmas shopping

Christmas Shopping budget

You need to have a budget based on money at hand, agree on a stipulated amount and try not to exceed that amount while doing your Christmas shopping. To help you stick to your budget and still have money left after shopping add 10% of the total amount for exigencies, that way you will be able to have leftover money after shopping if you meet the items at the prices you bargained for.

Stick to your budget come rain come sunshine, and resist the urge to spend beyond that amount. It might be hard because you will see things you want; knowing how to differentiate between need and want will help you stick to your budget during Christmas shopping.


Visit As Many Store As Possible For Your Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping stores

Don’t ever buy at the first store you see when you are doing your Christmas shopping, I have done this several times and later regretted it because I later saw something cheaper and of better quality at other stores but I couldn’t patronize them again because I have made my purchase. Even if you see something you like at the first store during Christmas shopping, note it down, you can still come back to buy it if the price is the same or if you can’t get something of better quality.

Endeavour to visit as many online stores as possible if you are doing your Christmas shopping online don’t just visit a store and stop to make a purchase unless someone recommended the store and attest to the fact that they have quality goods and their prices are unbeatable.


Resist the Urge to Spend More Than You Can Afford

Christmas shopping excess

This is more than a tip; it is an advice, one you will be wise to follow. Resist the urge to incur debts for your Christmas shopping, you will be the one paying them after the trills and excitement of Christmas season has faded away. Spend within your means, you have worked hard for a whole year don’t eat away your income, there are still goals you will want to pursue the following year that will require money.

When you are buying gifts for friends and family during Christmas shopping, resist the urge to show off by giving expensive gifts. Buy thoughtful gifts based on what the person will appreciate, don’t buy gifts that will be expensive but useless, the person will not appreciate or value it.

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Hope you find our tips for easy Christmas shopping timely and useful, please comment and use the share buttons.








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