Dare To Rock Your Natural Hair with These Tips


Of course, rocking natural hair is trending. Everyone around is doing it, some looks cool and some are outright ugly. Exactly, transitioning can be likened to refining raw gold.


Two Ways to Rock Your Natural Hair

There are two ways you can go natural with your hair and they are:

 The Big Chop:

To do the big chop, you cut the hair low and start to manage it, treating it occasionally and using only natural ingredients product. Remember it is natural so no relaxers.

You can also go natural without doing the Big Chop, then


Transitioning to natural hair is a simple process, to do this you have to be ready to grow out your natural texture before cutting off the processed or relaxed ends.

This means you will be dealing with a lot of undergrowth! Don’t panic now, be brave; the end result is worth it.

We are going to be focusing on transitioning because many people do not have the courage to go through big chop and start growing their hair from the beginning.

Trust me transitioning can be quite stressful too but following these tips makes it easier.

Tips for Successful Transitioning

Go through these tips carefully and meticulously to get the terrific natural hair you want to achieve.

Don’t Look Horrible Because You Are Transitioning

You should not look ugly and dirty just because you are rocking a natural hair.  Remember that you still need to look good, so do the transitioning style that fits your look.

Try a Bantu knot out or a natural girl’s favorite: the twist out. There are many styles you can experiment with.


Comb When Hair Is Wet

I know it is not easy combing natural hair; it can be painful if you do not do it the right way.


Always detangle when your hair is wet and slippery with conditioner, use a wide-toothed comb.

Start at the ends and work your way up. Combing a dry hair will surely cause breakage.



Keep Your Scalp Clean

Natural hair entails trying different new things so Feel free to feel adventurous: go online and download home-made recipe that will leave your natural hair soft, supply and shining.

You’ll have to do some experimenting, but cleanse your scalp anywhere from every two days to every two weeks.


Keep Your Hair Moisturized, Dry Hair Breaks

Nothing beats water when it comes to moisturizing hair, but you can also add your favorite natural hair products on top to seal it in.

Use 50% water and the other ingredients mixed together to make up the other 50%.

Don’t carry your natural hair for weeks without washing; you should be arrested for doing that.


Get Used To Deep Conditioning

Hair masks are no longer a special treat! Naturally, curly hair usually doesn’t lack protein, so stick with deep moisturizing treatments.

This you can do with leave in conditioner or mix some home recipe. You can get advice on the best type of conditioner to use from your hairdresser but make sure your scalp agrees with it.


Say NO to Heat

You no longer need to blow dry or straighten your hair with a stretcher. Try air drying all of your styles instead and straighten with wool try the’ kiko’ style.

You might not like the “kiko” style at first but it is good for your natural hair and you can experiment with lots of attachments.

You can use the usual rubber, baby wool or Brazilian wool and get a beautiful style out of it. You can also pack it into different styles, try the one that fit the shape of your face.


Protect Your Edges

Africans refers to women without front hair as witch so avoid transitioning styles that put too much tension on your temples and the nape of your neck.

Your front hair is usually finer, thinner and more delicate! So don’t go for too tight twists that may pull them out.

Also change your hair dresser if you discover he or she is plaiting your hair too tight. You shouldn’t cry yourself to sleep just because you visited the saloon!


Be gentle, Take Your Time

The point where your natural texture meets your straight hair (it’s called the line of demarcation) is the weakest part of your hair. Take your time when you detangle and style your hair.

Don’t comb too hard; it is advisable for you to do the combing yourself and use a bigger comb. Using a picking comb is a NO.


Don’t Leave It Loose For Long

Some people have the habit of their natural hair loose and just packing it for months; you can’t do this with natural hair.

You have to plait it often to keep it soft and make it easy to comb or it will just develop a life of its own and become unmanageable.

Even if you don’t feel like plaiting your natural hair, plait a simple style and fix a weave on or just wear a wig.

Luckily for you there are lots of weave –on to choose from ranging from baby wool to Brazilian wool weave-on and your usual synthetic weaves.


Don’t Be In a Hurry

Gradually cut relaxed ends Depending on the length you had to start with; get a good trim each month. Remember to use hair shears and not regular scissors!


Remember: these tips are designed to nurture your naturally curly hair, because in the end, THAT is what you’ll be keeping. Good luck and congrats on rocking your natural hair!

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