5 Fascinating Easy Ways to Build Your Woman

Build your woman


Learn how to build your woman now! The term ‘Perfect Woman’ is just a phantom; she doesn’t exist. Miss perfect does not exist; if you want something close to that, you have to work on it.

Stop wasting your precious time looking for the perfect woman because you won’t find her. Your woman may not be perfect but that is ok, you don’t need a perfect woman, you only need the right one.

Every woman is a raw material; you can make good things out of her if you take the time to make the effort. So, here are the things you can do to build your woman:

 To Build Your Woman; Encourage Her

To build your woman, you have to inspire or motivate her to be a better person. What you have to do is to find that trait of greatness and water it.

If your woman has talent for something encourage her to acquire the skill professionally.  If you can’t even find it then get some seed and start planting; if she can’t do it and you want it, you have to help her sir; that’s how to build her.

For instance, if she can’t cook good food but she is good in other areas instead of dumping her for a woman that cook delicious meals but has a bad temper why can’t you just buy her a cookery book? Or better still, encourage her to take cooking classes in her spare time, it is available on-line now thanks to technology.

To Build Your Woman; Support Her

Rome was not built in a day, if you want to marry a great woman start supporting her now. If she needs to acquire a skill but she is financially incapacitated then support her financially.

Also, give her a moral or spiritual boost when she needs it. For instance, some men love their partner but she is not spiritual enough, don’t dump her! Help build her spiritual life.

Buy her spiritual books, tapes and videos and encourage her to attend weekly activities in the church. You can also pay for her to attend seminars and Ladies conventions, it is an investment.

To Build Your Woman; Love And Cherish Her

To build your woman the right way, you have to love and cherish her. Without this she will see all your efforts like criticism and condemnation, believe me, she can frustrate all your efforts and make you give up.

Show me a woman that is well loved and I will show you a woman that can do anything; Love brings out the best in women.

I have seen an ill mannered and bad tempered lady become meek and submissive when she entered a loving relationship. Love makes a woman want to be a better person, so nurture her in Love.

Let her be secure in your love and let her know she means the world to you. If she knows that you are trying to get her to do something out of love, she will overdo it.

To Build Your Woman; Correct Her Lovingly

You don’t have the right to discipline or punish your woman; you can only correct her and do it in love.

This is because she is an adult and an independent woman. Also, make sure you do the correction between both of you and not publicly if you don’t want it to generate into crises.

Shouting at a woman in public or doing anything to embarrass her is like asking for trouble, she will give you in overdose. So, kindly and lovingly point out the areas she needs to improve on to her and leave out the criticism please.

To Build Your Woman; Show Her

You can motivate your woman to do something by being a good example of that thing. Inspire by example it is usually very effective.

Some men complain that their women are too stingy when they never really gave anything away in her presence. You can also give out things in her name and let her experience the joy of being a giver.

If you need her to learn how to cook a particular meal, buy the ingredients and get into the kitchen with her armed with a cookery book. Both of you can make a mess of things but she will keep trying it till she gets it.

Building your woman is not hard and the result is worth all the time, energy and financial investment you will be putting into it.

From today onward, stop breaking your woman and start building her. Don’t abandon her for someone better when you can make her better.

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