Best Ever ways To Make Your Woman Happy

make your woman happy

Who Else Wants To Make His Woman Happy?

If you have got 30 minutes, I can tell you best ever ways to make your woman happy.  Like seriously, if you love that woman then you have to make her happy or you might eventually lose her to someone who can.  Even you will agree with me that you guys can be clueless about how to achieve this and it puts you in a dilemma.

You love her and you are doing everything to make her happy, you just can’t understand while she is always moody and unhappy. Well, maybe you are just going about it the wrong way. Hey! All hope is not lost. You can see win your woman’s heart and rekindle her love by following these simple tips.


How to Make Your Woman Happy

Let me warn you sir, these tips are dangerous and might make your woman get addicted to you. Don’t say I did not warn you.


To Make Your Woman Happy: Give Her Pet Names

To make your woman happy give her a pet name. Your woman will be happy around you if you do this, Get her a name that comes from you. You can even do the naming ceremony playfully with her. Don’t use the popular pet names like honey, sweety, darling etc. they are overused already and not unique, create your own!

I know guys are not talented in that department so I am going to give you a few pointers: rearrange her name or shorten it, just make sure it is not common. For instance if her name is Deborah don’t call her Debby, almost every Deborah bears that. What about Debor or Borah? You can also get away with Derah. I can bet 100 dollars on it that you are also smiling now. Don’t thank me, what are friends for.


To Make Your Woman Happy: Initiate Make- Ups

If you want to make your woman happy be the first to initiate your make -ups especially if you are at fault. Some guys can be an insensitive jerk; you made her angry and because she didn’t pick at the first ring you just stopped calling her waiting for her to cool down. Well, she might make up with you and still make you pay later.

Give her a minimum of six missed call after an argument, she might not pick your calls but after she cooled down, it might be the reason she would forgive you. To her, it means you care enough to want to get across to her. It also means you are really sorry and you are having a hard time because she won’t talk to you.


To Make Your Woman Happy: Introduce Her to Friends

Introducing her to friends and relatives will make your woman happy because it’s just like customizing her. She would never feel free to do things that will jeopardize you relationship after you have done this. Encourage your friends and relatives to give her a phone call her once in a while and say hi when they meet her in public.

Nothing makes your girl feel special like knowing people around you have also accepted her. This can also be a weapon in your arsenal. Your sister or friends can call her after a fight, she will rant to them and pour out her heart but she will forgive you afterward.


 Learn How to Do PDA to Make Your Woman Happy

I know some guys don’t like it but Public Display of Affection (PDA) will make your woman happy. I am not asking you to kiss her under the rain like they do in movies or romance her in public but at least, hold her hand. Sitting beside her and giving her attention in public means a lot to her.

Be attentive to her and never ever let you eyes wander away or drool over another woman; it’s an insult to her. She knows there are prettier women out there and she get insecure sometimes, a little PDA will go a long way in assuring her that she is the one you want to be with.


To Make Your Woman Happy: Say ‘I Love You’ Often

Hearing those three words often will make your woman happy in a way you can never imagine. It doesn’t matter if you said it this morning she would still want to hear it before the day runs out. I am not asking you to try to figure this out, that is how girls are wired and you’ve got to do it to keep her.

Don’t be stingy with your affection and don’t wait for her to say it first! If you truly want to keep your girl then learn how to do this. If you like saying ‘I love you’ before you hang up when she calls you don’t be surprised if she calls often especially when she is with her friends. I know you won’t mind if you don’t hear the L word for a whole week but if you do that to your girl you might put her in a state of ‘emotional emergency’.

So how far buddy? Do you think you are up to it? If yes then go for it, if no, well, another guy is reading this too now and he might just have his eyes on your girl. Oh! You think you are the only one trying to win her heart? Love is not like Dettol advert, if you don’t take care of her another guy will. Don’t be mad with me, I am on your side.

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