What Commitment Means? Get 5 Mind-blowing Definitions


5 Mind-Blowing Meaning of Commitment


Commitment is glue that holds a marriage or any relationship together: it is an assurance that come rain come sunshine both of the partners will stick around.

Commitment is a must for any relationship that wants to stand the test of time. It is not an option; it is a must.  In fact, no relationship can survive without it.


 Commitment Means You Can’t Want Out

Commitment means neither of you can get out when the going becomes rough; marriage is forever. Being committed means nothing, I repeat, nothing, either great or small, trivial or mountain like, can break you apart. You are practically glued for life.

That does not mean the journey will be smooth, it means even if there is a storm, an earthquake or ground breaking disaster, you are going through it together and going to come out of it unscathed.



 Commitment Means No Alternative

So he /she is no longer drop dead gorgeous? Commitment means you can’t find an alternative.

When you are committed to your partner you are telling them “I know there is something or someone better out there but I still don’t want it”.

Your relationship will improve, and you can bond more if your partner knows there is no going back for you. Staying committed means both of you will go through mid-life crisis together and grow old together.


 Commitment Means We Are Going To Share

Commitment means you are going to share each other’s sorrows, failures, pains, disappointments, frustrations, joys, happiness, success etc.

You are telling your partner he/she is not alone in the journey of life.

Being committed can move you from being just partners to soul mates and best friends. You are telling your partner “we are no longer two but one”. It is a way of saying we are in this together, your joy is my joy and your pain is my pain.


Commitment Means I Have Your Back

Commitment means whatever or whoever wants to get to you must come through me, I am your No.1 cheerleader and defender; it means I have got your back!

Nobody can badmouth your partner to you or seek to destroy your relationship through side talk because being committed means insult to one of you is insult to both of you.

When you are committed you are truly one. You are locked so tight that nothing can pass through both of you to pull you apart.


 Commitment Means I Will Nurture You

When you are committed to your partner, you nurture each other because you want to make each other better.

If you see what looks good on someone, you go out and buy same for your partner. Deep inside your heart you feel “this is mine, this is home and I am committed to making it better”.

You nurture each other every day and help each other grow because anything you want in a man or woman, you can only get it out of your partner only.

Commitment is a path that is signed with blood! You are signing it with your life and to break it means to break yourself body, spirit and soul.

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    • Rightly said sir, many marriages, and relationships are breaking down today because people see commitment as a burden. Hope you are committed to your relationship or marriage @Akindele Emmanuel


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