Frightening things that happen when you date mama’s boy

mama's boy

Dating Mama’s Boy Can Do These Frightening Things to You


Dating mama’s boy might not send you to the grave but it can surely wreck your life. Everybody loves their mom including me but that doesn’t mean that she will keep making major decisions that concern your life for you when you become an adult.

Some guys are just so tied to the apron string of their mom that you wonder why they don’t just marry her.

Are you in a relationship where you keep thinking ‘Why didn’t he just marry her? Must his mom be involved in everything? Has she also heard about our recent fight? That is it! She will never approve of me again if she hears this, then maybe your life will be a little bit easier and less stressful without that man.

Here are some frightening things you will experience if you date mama’s boy:


Dating Mama’s Boy Gives You Emotional Insecurity

Deep down inside you know the reason you are still his girlfriend or fiancée is because his mom says so. Mama has the power to change your relationship status in a wink and God forbid that you should offend her.

You know your man loves you but it is conditional, the condition is that you must be the kind of woman his mama wants you to be, so you constantly find yourself in a dilemma.

Dating mama’s boy will eventually leave you insecure and you will constantly find yourself wishing to break up with him but your heart is telling saying you can’t afford to lose him because he is the center of your world.


Dating Mama’s Boy Will Make You Lose Yourself

Because you love that man so much you might lose yourself trying to become someone else to please his mother.

You Love Joe very much and his mama kept saying a woman should be plump and homely so you began to eat a little too much to get that figure because Joe thinks his mama is always right, or you are crazy about Clement but his mom kept telling you fat is no longer fashionable so you have to go on a diet to make her smile next time she sees you.

And God forbid that she should find something wrong with your personality, you have to talk less and dress like a grandma.


When You Date Mama’s Boy, She Is the Decision Maker

Dating mama’s boy will leave you frustrated because you will always need to ask mama first before taking any decision.

Mama’s boy will always say ‘We must not offend mom, we must do whatever she says because she suffered a lot to bring me up, by the way did I tell you I lost my dad while I was three?’ you will look up and say ‘yes’ and will feel guilty for having a different opinion on how you should do things.

Ultimately, mama becomes the decision maker and you have to suffer the consequence of her bad decisions all the time. You won’t have a say in your guy’s life and you will know that even if he ends up marrying you by mom’s recommendation and consent you are a wife in name only.


Trouble Is Always Coming

The truth is that mama won’t always be there, one day mom will get old and leave this world; you might just be living for that day, hoping you will become a real wife to your man by then if he marries you but I have news for you, not that fast.

You know mama made him what he is today, she make all the decisions of his life for him so when she leaves you will find your guy in a perpetual state of identity crisis and emotional conflict.

He will have to find himself because the voice of his mama will always be in his ears making decision for him and if refuses to break away from that voice and mature into an adult, trouble will always be coming.

So girl, if you have thought about all these and think you are still all for dating mama’s boy, I wish you best of luck. If not, you will still need my well wishes to find that mature and emotionally stable man that will give you what you deserve.


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