Who Will Succeed The Elisha Of Our Generation?


Will Pastor E.A Adeboye And Others Ever Find Successors?


Once while some Israelites were burying a man, suddenly they saw a                      band of raiders; the man’s body was thrown into Elisha’s tomb. When the body touched Elisha’s bones, the man came to life and stood up on his feet.                                                                                                                                                                                                               2 King 13:21


Light in the grave – Darkness in the city

Peace in the grave – fear at home

Power with the dead – death/disease with the living


Elisha was a prophet with double portion of the anointing of Elijah his predecessor. Elisha did his best to retain the power packed anointing of Elijah for a revolutionary story and a living atmosphere for deliverance, liberation and salvation.

No one has ever imagined what will happen after the departure of Elisha, a carrier of a “catalyst anointing”. All hope was bestowed on Gehazi; a very greedy, vision-less, selfish and mindless servant of Elisha the “firebrand prophet”.

The brightness of Gehazi’s glory was centered on himself only and no other but               the brightness of Elisha’s glory was on himself and the people.



The Elishas of Nigeria

Pastor         E.A Adeboye                                                                                          Pastor         W.F Kumuyi                                                                                            Bishop  Oyedepo                                                                                                  Bishop Okwonko                                                                                                        Dr. D.K olukoya and others


This is a recall of the pains of our patriarch that saw real revival, true Holiness and the redemption of lost souls. These patriarch souls were restless base on the manipulation and false possession of the spirit of Gehazi by the Christians of today with no repentance.

The lamentation: When will the 21st century Christian put on the spirit of Elisha?


Will There Ever Be A Faithful Messenger Like Elisha?

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying,                                                                                                           “Whom shall I send, as a messenger to this people?                                                                                      “I said, “Here I am. Send me”.

Isa 6:8 NLT

Elisha goes to the grave without a successor. It was a pitiful story because that generation couldn’t recognize that Gehazi wasn’t competent; likewise the hope thrust on Gehazi for revival and restoration was a lost testimony.

The seat Gehazi was to occupy was vacant because, he was not qualified and lacks the required qualities to succeed a general like Elisha. No one noticed this because the Israelites preferred being represented than to present themselves before God, so did they in the days of Moses in the wilderness (Pastor pray for me habit).


Is Loss Inevitable When We Lose Our Elisha?

The death of Elisha was a big loss to his generation; no one could follow the footstep of Elisha in discipleship, leadership, mentor-ship and counseling. Elisha took all the glory, power, authority and honor to the grave. That caused rising of many false Prophets, false Teachers, heresies that kept the people in darkness because “the light in Elisha illuminated the grave while darkness was in the city”.

“When the body touched Elisha’s bones, the man come to life and stood up on his feet”

2 King 13:21b NIV


Where are the youths?

They are in Clubs, Ritualist cults, Hotels, Worldly fashion centers, Game and event centers etc

  Where are the Adults?

They are in Politics, Divorce courts, and Earthly race.


What Will People Say About Your Christian Life?

Elisha was no more but we can remember him as a man that is after godly purpose and pursuits. He gave hope and deliverance to his generation by doing God’s will.

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What kind of Christian are you?

Are you an avenue of hope to this generation or a refinery of corruption?                                                                           





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