I Found Spectacular Reasons Good Girls Get Dumped


Why Guys Dump Good Girls and Break their Hearts

Good girls get dumped every day and if you don’t know why this is happening you might end up being part of the statistics. These girls are good: they do everything to make their man happy at the expense of their own happiness; they were the perfect girlfriend but end up getting dumped at the end of the day.

I can go on and on, good girls kept getting dumped, they suffered with their man, changed their life to become the girl he wanted but along the line, they lost their appeal and got treated like thrash.


Why Do Good Girls Get Dumped?

A lady once said “Subomi, I cooked for him, all his family knew me: even all this friends felt my impact, what did he use to repay me? I suddenly saw his wedding Invitation; he was getting married to another lady! Is this story similar to yours?

So why do good girls get dumped while bad girls go ahead to snatch a man of their dreams and later show off their rings? This is because:


Good Girls Get Dumped Because They Love Deeply

Good girls treat their guys like gods, put them on a pedestal and keep them there. Good girls don’t usually have a life of their own, don’t pursue their ambition and goals wholeheartedly, and cannot give their life completely to God because their man is the core of their existence.

All those energies you channeled into loving him if you had put half of it into pursuing your dreams, you would have become successful by now and instead of dumping you he would be trying hard to keep other guys away.


Good Girls Get Dumped Because They Lack Common Sense

Good girls get dumped because they are too much in love to apply common sense, so they ignore danger signals and end up getting dumped. If you had used your common sense in the first place, you would be the one doing the dumping instead of being dumped.

Some guys are opportunists looking for soft-hearted girls with a little flow of cash; some want innocent girls they can exploit for sex, your common sense will spot them 10 miles away unless you lack it. Some girls even know their guys are two-timing them and they still decide to endure hoping a miracle will occur and he will suddenly change.

If all your friends and people that care about you keep telling you that he is wrong for you, maybe you are too deep in love to see what they are seeing or you are too foolish to care but the result will still be the same. You just have to face the fact that the relationship is doomed and let go or get dumped.


Good Girls Get Dumped Because They Break Rules

There are rules guiding safe relationships but good girls break these rules out of pity and intense love for their men.


Rules Guiding Safe Relationships

These rules must be adhered to for the mutual benefit of both parties and to safeguard against heart breaks, ignorance of these rules has been the destruction of many good girls.


  • No Sex Rule

The first and the most important rule that must be clearly spelled out by the woman is the no pre-marital sex rule. You will always regret breaking this rule as a woman. If you break this rule you cannot ever win because it is tantamount to handing over your weapon in battle. It will strip you of your defense! And get you dumped.

A guy threatened to commit suicide if the love of his life refuses to have sex with him and she allowed him with tears running down her eyes. She did it to get him to drop the knife, you can guess how it all ended; your guess is as good as mine. He can play all the tricks in the book to get you to spread your legs, fall for them at your own peril!


  • The Give And Take Rule

Don’t ever be the only giver in the relationship; don’t give out trust and commitment too soon! Don’t commit to a guy that is not committed to you, it is a one-way ticket to heartbreak.  Is his heart wavering? Then give him time to make up his mind, does he have a side chick? Then refuse to be in a love triangle by stepping out first.

This will save you a lot of heartbreak; don’t end up like the likes of Toke Makinwa! The woman who gave her a run for her husband was once a side chic when they were dating. If passion and romance are all he is willing to give then you are better without him!

It is not only a crime for good girls to get dumped after reading this, it is also suicide! Good girls should start getting married and stop getting hurt; it is not a crime to be a good girl, but it is a crime to read this and still get dumped because you can’t apply knowledge.


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