6 Classes of Unique women men fall in love with

qualities men want in a woman

Women men fall in love with and How to Be Like Them

This article is about those unique women men fall in love with and how you can be like them. Men fall in love with certain classes of women and to be in that class, you have to understand the qualities those girls possess and how to be like them. Have you ever wondered why men treat some women like garbage but treat some like queens?

Have you ever wished you are one of those women men fall in love with? Not everybody will be loved, not everybody will receive special treatment and definitely not every woman will be an object of men’s infatuation. But you can change how men think about you or treat YOU. You can be that woman men love and admire and here is how:


Men Fall in Love with Women Who Watch How They Speak

women men fall in love with

Yes! Men fall in love with women who use the right word at the right time so think before you speak. We have that moment when we make statements that we regret once it left our mouth. We feel like “I wished I could just rewind the time and take that back”, even the wisest of men had once been there and done it but if it becomes a habit you might just be creating a bad reputation for yourself.

People will begin to see you as the woman that says the wrong thing at the wrong time. Heck! It might even be the right thing but the timing is wrong, men will start avoiding you for fear that you might embarrass them at any moment. Your mouth is like a time bomb waiting to explode. Gosh! They might even give you names like Miss All mouth or Basket Mouth: dear there goes all the love you desire: inside the wastebasket.


Men Fall in Love with Women Who Watch How They Dress

men fall in love with women

Men fall in love with women who dress decently and appropriately. You will not only be addressed the way you dress, it will also go a long way to determine if people will love you or not.  If you walk around dressed like a prostitute don’t be surprised if people treat you like one, don’t advertise what you don’t intend to sell!

We all know men are visual in nature; they get turned on by what they see, and they don’t believe you are only dressing to look good. They see you as a woman that is free with her virtue. You are free to dress gorgeously, beautifully, look radiant and charming even pretty is allowed but don’t ever intentionally look sexy! Look like a respectable Lady and even if any man tries to disrespect you people will defend you. There is a difference between love and lust!

Men Fall in Love with Women That Are Nice

men fall in love with women

Men fall in love with women that go out of their way to be nice to others. There is nothing like being too nice or too humble and people are not born with those attributes, they acquire them! Start your day with a determination to be nice to anyone you meet whether deliberately or accidentally. Watch your facial expression! Have an open face. Don’t go about looking depressed, forlorn or angry.

If strangers step on your feet at a crowded place believe it wasn’t intentional. They are just in a hurry to get to where they are going. Don’t be someone people will describe as Temperamental it’s not a good label. The men you might see as strangers now may later have a relationship with someone you have a relationship with. They might not easily change how they view you.


Men Fall in Love with Knowledgeable Women

women men fall in love with

Men fall in love with women that know a little about everything, men hate bimbos! Get yourself updated on the current trend in the world. It is easier today, with the advent of technology the world is now a click away. Don’t talk like someone with the IQ of a five-year-old, you will be sending quality guys away from you.

You meet men in all areas of your life. You have them as co-workers, friends, family and have romantic relations with some. Give them something to love about you by opening your mouth with knowledge. Know about what is happening in the political world, know a little about history, get familiar with the latest technology, and if you can get a little knowledge about sport or football men will adore you.


Men Fall in Love with Women That Set Boundaries

women men fall in love with

Men fall in love with women that say no first. Take it or leave it you need a measure of self-control to earn men’s love and respect. When they began to touch you inappropriately, say NO and mean it. Some men think rules are meant to be broken and if you give them the limit line they will want to cross it to see if they can get away with it. So don’t look the other way when they try it the first time.

Last time I checked sexual harassment and assault is a crime. Even if the man that tries it is physically stronger or financially richer threaten him with a lawsuit or report to higher authority. And the press will always be eager to publish the story if the person is powerful. Words will get around that you are not a woman to be trifled with.


Men Fall in Love with Women That Respect Others

women men fall in love with

Respect is truly reciprocal so treat people the way you want them to treat you. Men should be respected! Don’t bruise their ego deliberately! Without men what will our world look like? Men can actually celebrate you as a woman because they can’t get jealous of your naturally pretty face and your achievement.

Every man you meet is someone’s father address them as such, they are head of a family or head- to be. Don’t show unnecessary criticism or rivalry, Women can never be equal to men in every way, it is a mirage painted by the so-called feminist Movement. We have equal fundamental human right no doubt but we cannot be equal to men in strength and reasoning.

Hope you get it that the kind of love that is real and last longer is the one you earn. Follow this article and if any man anywhere does not fall in love with you, feel free to sue me but before you do that be sure you have done your homework.

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