10 Romantic Words that Drive Men Crazy

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Warning: These Words Can Drive Men Crazy


Driving men crazy has just gotten easier with this article, I bet you want to. All you have to do is patiently read this article and apply the knowledge in dealing with the men in your life.

I bet mama told you the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, mine did too! The problem with this perception is that this is the 21st century and there are fast food joints everywhere.

Contrary to popular belief that men are only attracted to what they see, there are words that stroke men’s ego and drive men crazy with love. These words touch their soul and make them want to connect with their women.

Are you ready to know those words that will drive men crazy? Here are the words:

10 Romantic Words That Drive Men Crazy

  • You Are Big
  • You Are Strong
  • You Are Reliable
  • I Trust You
  • You Are Capable
  • You Are Caring
  • You Are Daring
  • You Are Attractive
  • You Are Man Enough
  • You Can


Let’s discuss these words one by one and analyze how and why it drive men crazy.


 You Are Big drive men crazy

There is something about men that love the ‘B’ word.  No matter his size don’t call him short or small. You will regret it.

If your man is small the trick is to compare him with something or someone smaller. So you can use the word “Big” to refer to him without lying.

You Are Strong Drive Men Crazy

No man wants to be referred to as a weakling. Instead of driving him crazy calling him a weakling will drive him away from you.

Their papa told them men don’t cry, men are strong enough to face challenges and they protect their women, so he grew up vowing to be strong.  Can you now see why telling them they are strong can drive men crazy?


You Are Reliable Drive Men Crazy

I know he fumbles once in a while; who doesn’t? But he wants you to see him as reliable.

If you constantly belittle him by telling him he is not reliable, it won’t make him change overnight! it will rather drive you out of his heart.

Want to drive men crazy? Call them reliable.


I Trust You Drive Men Crazy

Men are so into the trust thing: even though they have lied to you several times they still want you to believe they have changed. This usually causes a lot of problem because you can’t command trust; you can only earn it.

Am I asking you to lie? No! Next time he kept to his words or does something trustworthy always remember it and appreciate him for it.

Like seriously, the words “I trust you” have effect on men’s ego and drive men crazy.


You Are Capable

Show me a man that is financially handicapped and I will show you a broken man. The money thing is important to guys; they want to be the provider.

If you joke about him being broke and incapable of taking care of you, you are breaking him and he will soon break up with you.


You Are Caring Drive Men Crazy

When he shows you his caring side, encourage him by appreciating him for it.

“You are Caring” is a simple way of saying “You are taking better care of me” it is tied to “You are Capable”.

Don’t deny him these words or you will regret it.


You Are Daring Drive Men Crazy

Men take risks everyday; this does not mean they are careless, to them it means they are bold and daring.

If you tell a man he is not “Man enough” to do something, he is honor bond to protect his manhood.

Next time he does something risky, say it in his language and call it ‘daring’.


You Are Attractive Drive Men Crazy

If a man has made the effort to wear a nice outfit, put on cologne and comb his hair, call him attractive no matter how he looks; especially if he is your man.

Women want their men to give them compliments but they don’t know when men love to receive them too.

“You are Attractive” is another statement that drive men crazy.


You Are Man Enough Drive Men Crazy

Your man sometimes worry that there are richer and better looking men out there and that he might lose you to them; He might act tough but that is the truth.

Making him feel like he is enough will move him and make him want to do more for you.

Comparing your man to other men and making him come out as inadequate is the worst relationship mistake you will ever make.


You Can Drive Men Crazy

Most times you want your man to be there for you and encourage you; he needs that too!

He doesn’t feel big and macho all the time. Sometimes, he worries that the task before him is too daunting; telling him “You Can” before he takes on a challenging task can move him. It means you believe in his abilities.

There is God’s place in his life and there is the place of his Woman, there is God’s part and there is also your part in motivating him.


It is simple, isn’t it? So go out there and drive your man crazy with love and adoration for you.

Hey! Drop your comment if you’ve tried it or will be trying it.

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