If You Can Read This You Can Understand Women


The Art of Understanding Women

The issue of understanding women has really topped the list among the issues giving men sleepless nights. This has made men label women as witches or being possessed.  Because they can’t understand the mood of women and the speed at which they switch from one mood to another they quickly conclude that they can’t handle such women.


How to Understand Women

If your woman is giving you headache all the time and you can’t seem to understand what she is up to, well, help is on its way. Don’t try to guess it out, believe me, you will get tired of guessing and you will be nowhere near the truth, so, want to understand women? There are few things you have to know first.


You Can’t Understand Women

The truth is that you can’t fully understand women. It is funny, it is sad but it is true. A woman is like a complicated gadget; all her body parts have different functions that you can’t comprehend at once. And all those parts are also multipurpose, so, you can’t just grab all the functions and the other things they do all the years of your life.

This means you can turn 70 without getting what she was trying to say with the same look she gave last night, poor you. The only person that really does understand women is God and that’s because he is their maker so quit trying to be supernatural! But really, she doesn’t want to be understood either, she just want to be loved, cherished and pampered. You can make anything out of her if you can do these three.


 She Doesn’t Understand Herself!

The reason you can’t understand women is because they don’t understand their own self half of the time. It is true, this is coming from someone that was born into a family of seven females, so, believe me, women can be enigmatic. Sometimes she feels sad for no reason and sometimes she is just bubbling with happiness.

Biologist said hormones are responsible for these changes so it is not her fault. Sometimes she is  just depressed and feels insecure, don’t try to understand her mood swings, do everything you can to bring smile back to her face and she will love you forever.


To Understand Women Read Their Actions Not Their Words

You think you don’t understand women because half the time they mean what they don’t say and say what they don’t mean, poor you. Men usually feel frustrated when their women kept saying ‘I am fine’ yet they wear a long face. For some reasons not even unknown to her she won’t tell you what is wrong easily, at least not without frustrating the life out of you.

A woman might tell you she hates you or she never want to speak with you again, she might even tell you she wants to murder you but if she doesn’t send assassins right away, they are what they are: just mere words.  It doesn’t matter her religion, social status or race, women are almost the same everywhere, they are talkers most of the time and they only say hot words to relieve pent up emotions. Sorry, that’s how we are created.


Women Need Security and Assurance

No matter how beautiful they are some woman might just feel ugly for no reasons sometimes. If you are married she might just tell you: I am not beautiful anymore, you don’t love me, you are looking at other women, and you don’t think I am attractive e.t.c.

This is not the time to shout at her or try to poke fun at her; she might never forgive or forget it. Just assure her that she is hot even if she is not looking her best at the moment and tell her you can’t love anyone else because she stole your heart. If you keep giving her the assurance she craves she will love you with all her heart.


Women Love PDA

PDA means Public Display of affection and women really love this. If she is your fiancée, you can hold her hand in public to signal to others to keep off and put a stamp of ownership on her. If you attend an event with her wearing same clothe color and keep giving her a secret glance, she will smile throughout the event.

This also includes giving public compliment and having eyes for her only in public. To her this means she is the only woman in your world and no matter what you do to her she can forgive for the sake of this.

A woman might be an enigma but she is a sweet one. Everyone like an element of mystery so let her keep her secrets and just love her and before you know it she will spill it by herself.

If you expect complete honesty from women then be honest with them too. A woman has a way of paying you in your own coin and sometimes she overpays depending on her mood.

I wish you best of luck in understanding women in your life.

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