5 Destructive Things Everybody Does to Their Mobile Phones

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5 Destructive Habits That Damage Mobile Phones

Our mobile phones is one of our most prized possession, some people even prefer to have one of their hands hacked off with a saw than to lose them. But as important as our mobile phones are to us, there are things we do every day that damage them.

Some of us are used to these things that it has become a habit. We keep changing one damaged mobile phone after another instead of just saving cost by changing our destructive habits.


Things Everybody Does that damage mobile phones

Want your mobiles phone to last longer? Save cost by staying clear of these things:


1. Dropping Our Mobile Phones

Dropping your mobile phone can damage a lot of things inside it; you don’t need to be an engineer to realize that.

Ladies drop their mobile phones often and men are not left out. We keep them anywhere our hand can reach while trying to keep them close; the result is that we keep them where they can easily drop to the ground.

Because we want to keep them handy, we put them in our front pockets, just drop them inside a bag, and place them on the edge of the table etc and end up knocking them to the floor.

This habit can damage our mobile phones’ screen, touch pad, speaker, mouth piece and even panel.


2. Being a Pseudo Engineer

Most guys are guilty of this, they tend to have the urge to fix anything fixable and that include their mobile phones. When they develop faults, instead of taking it to an engineer they just stick a screw driver into it and try to fix it.

Most times, they just fiddle with it and when they discover that they are not able to repair it, they couple it and take it to their engineer. By then, they have already added to the faults.


3. Sticking our Mobile Phones into Our Mouth

Ladies do these often because they use their mobile phones as a makeshift torch. Guys do these too; it is just that ladies have the tendency to do it more often, at least once in a day.

When you use your mouth as a makeshift holder for your mobile phone, you tend to get saliva into it and it can damage the mouth piece.

4. Getting Salt into Our Mobile Phones

Ladies bring their them into the kitchen because they spend a lot of time there and they want it handy. They also use it as a makeshift torch to cook at night; these make them get salt into it.

Salt is very destructive to mobile phones, I once got salt into my HTC android phone and could not repair it. My engineer tagged it as a “dead phone” and told me there is little hope for a mobile phone after salt has gotten into it.

To prevent changing them often, avoid taking it into the kitchen especially while cooking at night.

5. Delaying Repair of Our Mobile Phones

I know it is expensive to repair the sophisticated mobile phones we have today. Most of the parts are expensive and some are scare but make sure you repair your mobile phones promptly and as at when due to prevent it from developing other faults.

Most people only take them to engineers after it has developed at least 3 faults. By then the screen is gone, mouth-piece or ear-piece is not working and the touch pad has been malfunctioning for a very long time.

Most times, their engineers over-charge them and the cost of repairing the phone is almost equal to that of buying a new one. To avoid changing your mobile phones often, repair as at when due, a stitch in time they say saves nine.


To maintain your mobile phones and to avoid cost of buying new ones often, avoid the mistakes listed in this article.

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