Workplace romance problems that lead to career suicide

workplace romance problems that leads to career suicide

Workplace Romance Problems That Lead To Career Suicide

How to Handle Workplace Romance

So you met someone in your workplace and find yourself falling for him or her, the fireworks and body chemistry might be great and working side by side with someone you are attracted to might be thrilling but have you ever thought that there are dangers involved? Some call it office romance or workplace romance while some call it office affair but whatever name you call it cannot eliminate the danger it poses to your career. Believe me, it is like committing career suicide, if not properly managed it can be a raging inferno that consumes all your life goals and aspirations leaving you with regret and emptiness.

Can having a workplace romance be hazardous to your career? How can it bring your career to an unexpected end? What are the problems associated with having an affair or romance in your workplace? You will find answers to these questions in this article. There are problems associated with workplace romance and it is when you are aware of these problems that you can know how to adequately manage them.


Workplace Romance Problems That Are Hazardous

Let’s take a look at the dangers or problems of workplace romance, you might have overlooked these problems but they are problems nevertheless because they will affect your career, here are they:


Workplace Romance Leads To Loss of Concentration

workplace romance

If you have ever engaged in workplace romance before, you will surely know what I am talking about. That colleague you are crazy about will always sway her hips when passing by or will give you a sexy grin that will make your heart do a tap dance, both of you will always be aware of each other and soon, others will start noticing too.

If you haven’t experienced the feeling before do you remember how you felt when a guy or girl you are dating visited your workplace?  Then imagine how it would be if you will be meeting every day at your workplace.

Workplace romance can do crazy things to you, you will just find out that you will read and re-read files several times without understanding what is written there. It is worse for ladies because your hormones will always be raging and those butterflies playing around in your belly can make you do stupid things at times.


Workplace Romance Can Cause Accidents

workplace romance

I know this might look funny to you but accidents happen in the workplace at times because two people cannot keep their hormones in check. Imagine a doctor giving the wrong prescription or diagnosis to a patient just because the Nurse he is crazy about keep entering his office on silly excuses and showing him her backside. We all know what wrong diagnosis or prescription can do to a patient’s life.

You can also imagine a factory worker dropping heavy equipment on his foot just because he is trying to catch the eye of the lady he is seriously in love with. Ladies are fond of battling their eyelashes at the man they are in love with and if that doesn’t cause an accident I wonder what else will. Mixing romance and workplace together gives you workplace romance and it can be a recipe for disaster.


Workplace Romance Disrupts Relationship with Customers and Co-Workers

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Workplace romance can cause conflict and crisis in your workplace, so if one of your big clients keep making passes at the secretary in your workplace? If she is nothing to you then you will pay little attention to it but if she is your girlfriend you might start resenting that client. Same goes for co-workers, you will think that accountant is making passes at your man if you see them together all the time and it might cause friction between you and such person.

We all know how we joke around and play with co-workers to relieve stress and tension but you won’t be able to do that if you are seeing someone in the office. You will start watching each other closely and try to prevent opposite sex from getting closer. You might see it as protecting your interest and securing your love but if you don’t watch it your career will end up in the dustbin.


Workplace Romance Prolong the Pains of Heartbreak

workplace romance

We all know not every relationship will end in marriage, many actually end in heartbreak but workplace romance can prolong the agony of heartbreak because you will be seeing that guy or lady all the time and the pains can get worse. One of you might just decide to put an end to the relationship because it is not working anymore but we all know that it will take some time for the other party to finally accept the breakup and let go of resentments.

I am sure that if you are nursing heartbreak you won’t want to be staring at the person responsible for the pains you are going through across the room every day that is exactly what will happen if you get involved in workplace romance. You can’t imagine if one of you is superior to the other in your workplace, someone might end up being fired and the tension in the office will be so thick that you can cut it with a knife.

These and much more are the problems you will come across when involved in workplace romance. Do you think you can handle it? Please share if you find this article useful and use the comment box for other suggestions.

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