Sex Doll Vs Real Woman, 7 Clear Differences


Sex Doll Vs Real Woman, 7Clear Differences

Sex doll, a recent invention by the US to replace women in the bedroom has been so much noised about that women now entertain the fear of being replaced by a doll. The reason is not farfetched; few women can compete with the look of the sex doll even after going under the knife for plastic surgery several times.


Features of a Sex Doll

sex doll

Sex doll has a woman look and feel, the overblown breast has a texture and feel of a real breast and the shape is that of a woman. Sex doll also has a well-proportioned backside that does not and will not sag, it also has female genital.

It looked so real that if you see it sitting down, you would have said hello before realizing it is not a woman. To make matters worse, it has an inbuilt feature that enables it to make speech sound.

Amidst all these, women are thrown into panic; many have measured themselves against the so-called sex dolls and found themselves wanting. As someone commented, “the price of a sex doll is lesser than the average cost of a wedding ceremony to a real woman”.

With all these never-ending advantages of sex dolls is there hope for a woman? The answer is yes, there is hope, for a real woman.


Sex Doll versus Real Woman, the Clear Difference

Having discussed the attributes of sex dolls, let’s now discuss the difference between a sex doll and a real woman.


1. Sex Doll Cannot Cook, a Real Woman Can

sex doll

I can imagine a woman smiling, oh! This is one score against a sex doll. Let men put a sex doll in the kitchen and watch her come out with a well-prepared meal. She cannot stand up and walk into the kitchen, even an upgraded version cannot.

Chill, the so-called sex doll cannot differentiate a lettuce from carrot. Sex dolls will probably melt with the heat coming from the cooker, so you can take cold water now


2. Sex Doll Cannot Hold An Intelligent Conversation, A Real Woman Can

sex doll

This is what I call score number two, thumbs up to correct women out there who have a sense of humor that brings a smile to her man’s lips and can plan a future with him. A sex doll can be programmed to say “welcome” but it doesn’t know the difference between a man coming in from work and a man coming in from cleaning his car in the compound.

A sex doll cannot say “welcome darling, how was your day?” because it doesn’t know the difference between day and night. Ah! You just got that, I doubt if that thing can walk without being carried.


3. Sex Doll Cannot Be Loving and Caring, a Real Woman Can

sex doll

Sex doll can look pretty and well put together but it cannot perceive when a man has a running temperature and cannot call a doctor in case of emergency. A man married to a sex doll will probably die somewhere groaning in pain because the so-called sex machine does not even know what is happening! It is just like your TV set with artificial breast and hips!

A real woman can put her hand around her man when he is cold; she can call the doctor and give him TLC (Tender Loving Care). She can have lunch with him, laugh with him, and tend to his needs. The difference is clear here, one is man-made and fake while the other is God-made and original, and this is what I call score number three.


4. Sex Doll Cannot Be a Good Lover, A Real Woman Can

sex doll

Sex dolls are just for sex; a man can only have sex with a doll, he can never make love to that thing. Let’s be real here, a sex doll can be touched but it cannot return the touch, she doesn’t know where to touch her man to drive him crazy because it doesn’t have any sense of reasoning whatsoever.

Also, sex doll might have the feel of a woman but it cannot have the feelings of a woman. It cannot feel and whatever noise it is making during is programmed, a thousand men can sleep with it and it will still make the same sound.


5. Sex Doll Cannot Support Her Man, a Real Woman Can

sex doll

Sex doll can never give a man the support and encouragement he needs to keep going in life. Sex is one of the needs a man needs to satisfy, what about other needs? who will satisfy his need for support and encouragement?

Who will give him the boost he needs when he is feeling down? Who is going to believe in him? Who will dust his armor, hand him his sword and tell him he can slay many dragons? A sex doll or A real woman? The answer is crystal clear, so don’t panic over a common battery operated machine, it is much ado about nothing.


  1. Sex Doll Cannot Take Care of Herself, a Real Woman Can

    sex doll

Sex dolls might have genitals but they can neither change their own clothes nor wash a man’s clothes. It is an insult to God to refer to that thing as “she”, sex doll is something to be cleaned and cared for, it is also something to be dusted and shopped for.  It is like having a crippled, deaf, dumb, blind and mentally retarded woman at your disposal, hey! It is actually karma for men.

Women should be dancing right now, let us all go on worldwide strike and let sex dolls take over the house, the whole world will probably look like a refuse dump, men would wear mismatched socks to work and would probably wear the same shirt for two weeks.


  1. Sex Dolls Cannot Have Kids, a Real Woman Can

    sex doll

Sex dolls are rightly named, they are dolls and meant for sex only (for perverts) because I wonder how men can stand it. Let them keep upgrading that thing till year 3000 and it still won’t be able to carry babies. That is one of the special features of a real woman, she can multiply herself; give birth to children who would also keep multiplying to fill the earth.

A sex doll cannot make a man a father, a real woman can, so chill, that thing will be out of circulation soon, it is just another plaything men just invented. Men can get fascinated now but their reaction is what they felt when their dad got them a new toy when they were 8 years old; they would soon get tired and move to another toy.


The question of which is preferable between a sex doll and a real woman is not a rhetorical question, and the answer is not farfetched. You can only have sex with a sex doll; you can only grow old with a real woman, so thumbs up to God, He did a great and perfect job when He made a woman, we are just PERFECT!

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