Turn Off Things to Avoid When Toasting a Girl


Turn Off Things to Avoid When Toasting a Girl

How you behave when toasting a girl will determine whether you will get a yes or a no. There is a reason while some guys attract ladies like bees to honey while some guys turn girls off and never get a yes. Sometimes you feel that a girl is really interested in you, it is as if you are almost there then you just discover that she starts frowning and look irritated; you have done things to turn her off and this made her reject you.

Some girls get turned off easily, it doesn’t matter if they like you or not, they know when you are faking it and it turns them off easily. You can get the girl you like to agree to go out with you or get ladies to like you if you stop turning them off. Guys are usually the hunter so turn off things to avoid when toasting a girl is for guys but girls can learn from it too.


5 Turn Off Things to Avoid When Toasting A Girl

It doesn’t matter how many toasting lines you know or how handsome you look if you do these things girls are going to turn you down often:


1. Avoid Using Fake Accent When Toasting a Girl

things to avoid when toasting a girl

Using fake accent is one of the turn -off things to avoid when toasting a girl, it really irritates girls. A guy was trying to ask me out, he was speaking in English, I don’t really mind until he started adding “Oyinbo accent”. He said he is currently running his masters programme and he suddenly started speaking fast with “American” accent after his announcement, I had to strain my ears to hear him and I was turned off.

See, using fake accent will not make a lady like you unless you were born in the US and that is your usual way of speaking. In short, it irritates girls and makes you look phony. So, stop it if you want to start getting a Yes from girls you like.


2. Avoid Using Big Grammar When Toasting a Girl

things to avoid when toasting a girl

Big grammars won’t get you anywhere with smart ladies, it will only embarrass you. Using big, ambiguous words are one of the turn-off things to avoid when toasting a girl, it will only make the girl look stupid and you will end up irritating her; it can even put you in trouble.

I know what I am talking about, even if big grammars are always coming to your mind while toasting a girl, take a deep breath and try to break them down into small, understandable words.


3. Avoid Using Overused Lines When Toasting a Girl

things to avoid when toasting a lady

There are some lines that are already a cliché, using them to try to woo a girl will only get you sounding dumb and phony.  For example, guys love telling girls “you look familiar, we have met somewhere before…” they will then try to mention places they know girls visit. Almost every guy who tried to ask me out said so, is that the only line guys can think of?

I know many guys are not talented in that department but borrowing lines from websites won’t help you either. Some other guys might have used the lines on her before so it is normal for her to get turned off under normal circumstances.


4. Avoid Being Non-Committal about Religion

things to avoid when toasting a lady

One of the turn-off things to avoid when toasting a girl is being non-committal about your religion. Some guys won’t want to commit to a religion in order to create a win-win situation not knowing they have lost already. Most ladies are serious about their religion and trying to hide your religion or denomination of your church doesn’t say much about you.

Some guys will say “I am a Muslim but I attend church once in a while”, some will even say “I am both a Christian and a Muslim, I am not convinced about the one I should choose yet, maybe you can help me”. If you are a Christian say so in clear terms and if you a Muslim please make it clear, what she does about the information is left to her.


5.  Avoid Mentioning Love and Sex

tings to avoid when toasting a girl

There is nothing bad about telling her how you feel but mentioning the word love and sex to a girl you just met is a turn off for most girls. She will see you as a flatterer with sugar coated tongue and she might think your only aim is to get her on her back.

No matter the intensity of your feeling telling her out-rightly that you fell in love with her might put her off and she will have a good laugh about it later! Telling her you like her and will like to know her better is preferable to an outright declaration of love.


You can be handsome, rich, and posses all the qualities girls dream about but if you don’t get it while asking her out you might never get her to realize what a great catch you are. So, hope you find my article on turn off things to avoid when toasting a girl useful? If you utilize it well you can start getting a yes instead of a no from girls.

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