Can A Relationship Work Without Sex?


 Can A Relationship Work Without Sex?

Single, Sex and Relationship (Part 1):


At a gathering of matured minded singles one day I posted a question ‘can a relationship survive without sex?’ two schools of thoughts arose that day, majority of singles support that it is impossible to have a real relationship without sex while the other held by very few people said it is possible to have real relationship without sex. I gave them reasons why they shouldn’t have sex now. Let’s discuss some of them:

Sex Complicate Relationships

relationship without sex

A lady stood up and said ‘is it not these guys? They won’t agree to a sexless relationship’ guys sitting there did not dispute her comment so I took silence to mean assent. Is it that guys have uncontrollable sexual urges? Or is it that passion accompanies real love that makes sex inevitable?

The answer to these questions does not change the consequence of sex in relationships. Once you introduce sex it is hard to stop, you began to use it to make up and to avoid important conflicts and later you began to wonder if sex is all there is to your relationship. It becomes very hard to separate love from desire.

Sex Worsen the Pains of Heartbreak in Relationship

relationship without sex

Sex is more than a physical act, at least for women. Men can see sex as an avenue to satisfy an urge but it means more to a woman, it is like giving her soul away. When there is a breakup and sex has taken place, the woman feels used and cheated and it worsens the pain.

She has a soul tie with the man she has given herself to and might keep going back even when abused and mistreated. This has been the reason why guys like to have sex with a woman; they believe she might leave freely at any time if it is yet to happen so they need to have sex to tie her down.

Sex Is Not Synonymous With Love In Relationship

can a relationship work without sex?

There is passion, attraction, desire, lust and then love: the inability to differentiate between these has brought untold pain, suffering, and heartbreak to many. The fact that you can’t keep your hands off each other does not mean you are deeply in love.

Many men will grab the opportunity to sleep with celebrities they find ‘sexy’ and many women have gone to bed on their first dates. Stop using love as an excuse to have sex. This means having sex does not guarantee you staying together or that your partner love and want to spend the rest of his or her life with you.


What If It Didn’t Work Out?

can relationship work without sex?

You are not married until you are married. Engagement can be broken, courtship can be terminated and no matter how long you have been together in that relationship something can still go wrong. You can’t be sure even if your wedding is a few weeks away.

I have seen a lot of things and have heard outrageous tales that made me conclude that anything is possible when it comes to relationships. How many men have slept with you with the promise of marriage? How many women have you slept with thinking you will marry them? Where are they now? I think you get the point now.


Your Body Isn’t Yours

can relationship work without sex

Singles go out on dates and have fun because to them sex is just sex. They give it out as birthday gifts, valentine gifts, Christmas gifts etc some just go ahead to satisfy the urge when it comes and says ‘after all it is my body’. Well, it isn’t yours: your body doesn’t really belong to you and that guy or lady isn’t yours too. Nothing really belongs to you dear, that is one of the mysteries of life. One day, you will sleep and will not be able to lift a finger anymore and that body will become rotten and useless. Then you have to give an account of what you have done with that body.

Do you have self-control? If yes lucky you, if no, get some; you will be glad you did. If you can’t control that urge now it will wreck your life whether married or single. Watch out for more of this article as we discuss this topic on medical grounds. Watch out for Single, Sex and Relationship part 2.

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