The Wife- An Episodic Fictional Story 3


The Wife- An Episodic Fictional Story 3

Johnson starred at the still form of his father on the bed with mixed feelings, he has always wanted the old man dead but now that it looked as if his wish will finally come true it brought him no happiness. The selfish bastard had thrown his mother out of the mansion when he was six, the sudden move from the spoilt rich boy to a homeless beggar had taken everything from him, the mother he loved had died and the woman he came to love had lost her innocence. No, for Funsho Phillips there would be no forgiveness, not now and not ever.

Doctor Ajayi entered the special room where his father was kept, checked all the machines connected to his body and shook his head. He pressed a button on the bed and two beautiful nurses entered with injections; he motioned to Johnson to follow him. The two bodyguards at the door followed them and stood outside the doctor’s office as Johnson and the Doctor entered.

The office looked like something from the movie, the hospital is one of the best in the country and the doctor knew Funsho’s family personally, his father told him his mother gave birth to him in the hospital and Doctor Ajayi knows many secrets of the family.

‘I am afraid I have bad news Johnson’ the man in his sixties said, his hair was all grey but his eyes portrayed his experiences and another thing Johnson never expected, Kindness and understanding.

‘Will he survive?’ Johnson asked with a blank expression, his expression remained unreadable, he doesn’t want the doctor’s kindness and he is sure the man has no idea of what he is feeling right now, nobody can understand him except one woman: Linda Thomas.

‘His chances of surviving are 50/50, he must have received a very bad news, he was fine few weeks ago, do you know what might be the cause?’ Johnson shook his head and stood up before he makes the mistake of trusting the old goat. The Doctor Ajayi made a statement that made all his body stiffens in shock.

‘You should go see the family lawyer about the will’ Johnson was so shocked at the statement that he remained standing as the doctor picked his stethoscope and walked out of the room ahead of him.

If it is that bad, then Otunba Funsho Phillips should be on his way to meet his maker by now, leaving him all his possession as the only heir, he is now a billionaire.


Aliyah sat beside her mother on the floor length mattress, the weather has been very cold for days, rain fell often, and the effect on her mother was a kind of pain that no human being should have the privilege of experiencing. She had exhausted all her savings on drugs and good food to tempt her mother to eat all to no avail. It seems as if even her faithful mother has given up on God.

‘Good afternoon, is anybody home’ a voice called from outside. Aliyah quickly rushed outside because the voice is that of Laura and she met her outside the uncompleted building she lived with her mother, Laura was smiling at first but when she saw Aliyah’s face, the agony and anguish she read there drove the smile out of her face, she opened her hand and Aliyah ran into them sobbing her clinging to her as if her life depended on it.

Laura was able to pacify Aliyah and both of them entered the house, she had a lot of trouble locating the house and she was tired but her friend needed her, so she had to be strong. She stared at the empty spaces where her legs are supposed to be and she understood while Aliyah is always sad “God, please give me the strength I need to break down too” she prayed silently.

The woman on the bed turned to face her and Laura was shocked at what she saw, Aliyah’s mother was not beautiful, she was stunning, with all the suffering and pains this woman went through if she could still look like this, she must be gorgeous when she was whole.

‘Hello, are you Aliyah’s friend’ Moji said and Laura lost her heart to her, the woman is not only beautiful, she is kind too! Laura thought.

Few hours later, Aliyah was seeing her friend off when Laura turned to her and said. ‘Aliyah, I came to discuss an idea with you, your groundnut is sweet and you would make more money bottling it, you can sell to rich people at higher prices, there is an estate very close to our school if you can take your groundnut there…’

Aliyah smiled when she saw the excitement in her friend’s eyes, Laura has been chatting with her mother since she arrived at their house and Moji had found a friend in her, she is now friends with both her and her mother, they had been able to forget their problems and laughed at her jokes.

‘I don’t have money to go into that, I had even stopped roasting groundnut since yesterday because I spent all the money I have on mother’ she lamented.

‘I came prepared’ Laura said, she dipped her hand into her bag and brought out rolls of #500 notes, she counted #5,000 and gave it to Aliyah.

‘My cousin came to visit me, he gave me this money and I am borrowing you, make good use of it, sell plenty groundnut so that you can become very rich’

‘I might even sell enough to send myself to school’ Aliyah joked. She hugged her friend tightly and when she pulled back she saw the tears in Laura’s eyes. Maybe there is a good somewhere that cares about them after all.



Johnson sat down in Lawyer Collins office; he had delayed for a day in order to put his thought together. When he got home after leaving the hospital, he placed a call to an overjoyed Linda and also called his friend Tunji, he didn’t ask for help with the Lawyer because he knew it was going to be a piece of cake, he could handle Collins anytime.

Collins-Maxwell is a young lawyer; he had inherited the office from his father who was Otunba Funsho’s lawyer and childhood friend. His father had retired and passed the office to him five years after he was called to bar. His father who is in his eighties is now suffering from amnesia.

‘Sorry about your dad, what is his condition now?’ Collins asked

‘His chance of surviving is 50/50’ Johnson said trying to look sad but he could not fool Collins.

‘He has had the best life has to offer, in fact, he has been preparing for his departure for some time now’ he said to Johnson who looked surprised to hear that his father knew he couldn’t survive for long.

‘In fact, he came to see me last month about his will, he made some changes here and there’ by now Johnson wasn’t looking surprised again, he looked shocked.

‘He changed his will?’

‘No, I thought you already knew this, well, he just made some changes but I cannot disclose them until his demise, make sure the doctor send me a signed death certificate after his death to make it official’ Collins concluded.

Johnson looked perplexed for the first time in a long time, he is sure the bastard had done something to cut his name out, but he couldn’t do that because he is his only rightful heir, except….. then it dawned on him, Kanmi Funsho had been his father’s next of kin for many years until the greedy goat did something to make Otunba throw him out, Kanmi is the son of Otunba Funsho Philip’s only brother.

Had his father made Kanmi his heir because of the hatred he had for his son?

Collins took a look at the troubled Johnson and decided to put him out of his misery.

‘I will help you because I owe you Johnson, but I want you to pretend you never heard this or I could get into trouble: You should be thinking of marrying and giving your father a grandson soon or else, Kanmi gets everything, even the empire’



Otunba Funsho Phillip was busy flirting with one of the beautiful nurses attending to him and she wasn’t playing hard to get, he is on his way to heaven as his son envisioned.







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