5 Ways to Effectively Manage Menstrual Pain without Drugs


5 Ways to Effectively Manage Menstrual Pain without Drugs

Menstrual pain is the pain most ladies feel during their menstrual period due to change in their body system and hormones. For some, it might be mild while some have severe pains that may prevent them from standing or doing anything.

Menstrual pain cannot be effectively managed with the use of drugs although there are drugs that can provide temporary relief. The problem with those drugs manufactured to reduce pains during your menstrual circle is that you have to keep taking them every month and might start to abuse them or get addicted to them.

Drugs that claim to be able to alleviate Menstrual pain also come with side effects that can cause complications in other areas, so below are the ways you can manage Pre-Menstrual and menstrual pain without the use of drugs.


Menstrual Pain Management without the Use of Drugs

Here are the various ways you can do this:


1. Reducing Sugar Intake Help Manage Menstrual Pain

It is an open secret that most women have a sweet tooth, many can’t do without chocolates, candies and soft drinks and we all know how much sugar it contains. Reducing your intake of sugar or sweets can help manage menstrual pain, too much sugar causes piles which result in chronic back pains during menstrual periods, apart from this it also increases the pains you will feel.

I know asking many ladies to stop taking chocolates and its likes will be like asking them to hack off their right hand, many have struggled to stop but find themselves craving it and finally gave in after resisting it for a period of time. It would be better to reduce it gradually and try to substitute it with eating fruits; you will know the difference in no time.


2. Exercising Regularly Help Manage Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain can be reduced with a commitment to regular exercise that helps loosen cramps and strengthen muscles. We all know Exercise is good for the body but we might not know that regular exercise help reduces menstrual pain.

As a lady resist the temptation to sit at a spot for hours or take cabs to everywhere you are going even if it is a stone throw to where you are, you might be reducing your lifespan. Instead of taking cabs, walk short distances, stroll around in the evening and watch exercise videos you can follow at home to loosen your muscles, you can also visit the gym if you can afford to.


3. Avoiding Stress Help Manage Menstrual Pain

God made women delicately, all our body parts are tender both outside and inside so exposing yourself to stress will affect your menstrual period. I have heard of females that have their menstrual periods two times in a month because they underwent lots of stress that month.

Women tend to do too much all the time but if you want to manage those cramps you have to slow down. It might look like nothing now but those stress will accumulate and cause you lot of pains during your periods.


4. Taking Warm Water Help Manage Menstrual Pain

Taking cold water few days to your menstruation or during your menstrual cycle can cause you a lot of pain, this is because the cold water freezes the blood, this can cause you pain when the blood is struggling to flow out.

To effectively manage menstrual pain it is advisable to take warm water during your menstruation. Apart from the bad effects taking cold water has on your health, it can escalate menstrual pain, taking warm water and even the use of hot water bottles on your stomach can help the blood to flow freely and in so doing reduce any form of pain.


5. Don’t Use Any Drugs to Prevent Menstruation

You will be doing yourself more harm than good, don’t try to stop your menstrual cycle because of the inconveniences and pains you feel during your menstrual periods, you will regret it. Apart from having medical effects, it can cause death.

God who made women in a way that they would have to menstruate 3-7days in a month did it for a reason, your menstrual circle is a blessing, not a curse, it indicates two things: the first is that you are not pregnant and the second is that you can get pregnant, trying to change this course can only bring pains and disaster.

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