5 Reasons to Start Your Blog Now


 5 Reasons to Start Your Blog Now

Almost everyone goes online these days looking for one information or the other, from dating tips to cooking procedures and even information on symptoms, diagnosis, and cure of one ailment or the other but have you ever thought of starting your blog? I mean getting a bank online where you can store your ideas and creativity for other people to find?

It not that hard to start your blog right away and my article on How to start your own blog can help give you a good start, but do you really want to? Have you got the boldness and spirit to start out on your own? Do you know why you should? Let’s go over the reasons why you should start your blog right away.


Reasons to Start Your Blog Right Away

Why do people start a blog? Why should you start your own blog? You should start your blog for the following reasons:


1. Make Cool Cash from Home with your blog

You can make a full-time income blogging and many others do the same. Making money with a blog involves a lot of hard work and you have to be determined and be ready to persevere but the return is worth all the efforts. So are you interested in making some cool cash? You might just blog your way into lots of it.

There are various ways you can make lots of cash from blogging ranging from Google Adsense to Affiliate Marketing. People have been doing it successfully, thanks to blogging people now make money from their passion and you can do same too. Don’t be tied down to that job you don’t love when you can make cool cash doing what you love.


2. Become a published author with your blog

your blog

It is easy to convince a publisher to publish your work if you already have a strong online presence. The reason is simple: it’s a lot easier to sell books to people who already know you. A blog is one of the easiest places to start. You might not realize it yet but a blog is one of the ways to promote your work and get people used to your writing styles and creative ideas.

So get online now and start making yourself popular, let people associate you with something and when you start writing a book on your niche people will see you as an authority in that field. You can sell yourself and your passion online without having to attend social functions all the time in order to be introduced. You don’t even need a business card because your name will start ringing a bell once people start frequenting your site.


3. Get exposure for your business with your blog

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A blog can expose your business or passion to the world. Whether you take it or leave it, the number of people that are exposed to your business online is more than double the amount of people you would have otherwise met one on one.

Your blog can also serve as a platform to market your business! Don’t just write; take advantage of traffic by placing advert of your products at strategic places on your blog. You can also wrap content around it. You can always create a blog for your business and give out free tips on maintenance of your product and other information free in exchange for publicity. A blog is an updated website; it is just like having your own company online,


4. Share your ideas on your blog

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If you want to share ideas and opinions through writing, share your story, encourage others and build a community, a blog is a great place to do that. The bonus that comes with it is that if you are that good you and your ideas can become popular. Take advantage of your blog to market your ideas. You can have a political, social, or educative blog where people can visit to learn about your ideas and before you know it you will have many followers.

You easily link your social media page to your blog and connect easily with your audience, do you have any religious, economic, or political ideas you want to share? Then start blogging about it right away.


5. Get Fame and Publicity Through Your Blog

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Do you know you can name your blog after yourself and get famous? I bet you don’t know that. Have you heard of Linda Ikeji before? Oh! You have, she doesn’t make her fame doing importing and exporting business, she made it through her blog. Many people today would not have heard about Linda Ikeji and others like her if not for their blog.

Your blog will also help you create a strong online presence, people can easily find you and what you do online so start one right away.

So do you see a need to start a blog right away? No problem, I can always give you a hand even if you have zero knowledge about blogging. You can contact me after reading my article on how to start your own blog.

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